Oooohhh … here we go … REAL OG goodness right here for all you wackass motherfuckers who think you know the shit:

New Deal Justin Girard Pimpball Wizard T

New Deal Justin Girard Pimpball Wizard T

Do you even know what the fuck this is? Come on man, don’t keep me waiting … all you cool guys … limited edition this & that … hyped-up bu-bu-babies … Hahaha

Come on! A little bit of streetwear history! Where you at? Where you at?

Awww … come on … don’t be shy and hide behind your clown clothes and Milk magazines, I can see right through you.


The Departed

First there was global warming.

Then North Korea goes nuclear.

Now Martin Scorsese wins best director for The Departed???????

What the fuck is wrong with the world????

Did anyone actually make it through the whole movie?

And did anyone watch THE ORIGINAL movie?

If you’ve seen the original, then you’ll know what a piss poor piece of shit The Departed is.

I’ve never watched a more contrived fucking storyline in my life (except for the equally piss poor Initial D – which incidentally was made by the same director as Infernal Affairs – the movie which The Departed was based on)

If Martin Scorsese could win Best Director for that turkey, I should be a shoo-in for the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Please remember to vote for me at the next election.


Dope X Subcrew Trucker

1. 2 colorways (1 pictured, 1 secret)
2. Only 50 of each
3. Made by Subcrew
4. Delivery date: May 1st, 2007

The DOPE word on the cap is printed with a rubber-like ink to give it a more 3D, textured feel. Subcrew worked with us to try and create two completely unique caps and we’re both really happy with the results.

There’s more to the cap, but until we get the final production version, we won’t be able to post any more photos to show you.

Dope X Subcrew Trucker


USD60/RM200* each for the general public

USD45/RM150* each for Dope members

*all prices exclude shipping, unless you are in Malaysia

If you wish to purchase a cap, please EMAIL us with your full name & country of residence and we will contact you with further instructions.

There will be a queue system for the cap. First come first serve. If you have a place in the queue, we will notify you and you will have until a certain date to make payment for the cap.

If you we do not receive your payment by that date, then we will contact the next person in line and so on.

Dope X Subcrew Trucker

Each person is only allowed to purchase one color of each cap.

We are ONLY selling the cap in PAIRS (you may be able to get them individually from retailers)

For international buyers, please note that we ONLY accept payment via international bank transfer.

We do NOT accept credit cards or Paypal, so please don’t ask us about this.

We will ship the caps via Fed Ex, which will cost an extra USD15-30, depending on your country of residence. If you are a Malaysian resident, shipping is FREE.

The cap will also be available from these fine retailers:

IN4MATION (Hawaii)
8FIVE2 (Hong Kong)
Zig Zag (Bangkok)
Laced (Brisbane)
Humantree (Seoul)
Westside (London)

We’d like to thank all of you for your support and interest in this project.


Dope CNY Party

Thanks to everyone for coming to the party …

I hope you all had a good time.

As usual, Jon Chen brought the thunder … I wish I could let you hear exactly what he played. I swear he is a fucking monster on the bass.

More pics coming.



It’s a Chinese tradition for married elders to give unmarried younger relatives little red envelopes (Lai See) filled with money at CNY.

Lai See means “lucky” in Cantonese, but if you pronounce it wrong it means “shit in your pants.” Hahaha

I didn’t want to give out money (since I’m not married) but I still wanted to make something for my friends so I came up with this:

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Special “Lai See“ mix CDs that we’re giving out at our party.

(Yes this was what I was fiddling around with last night)

On the CD is the best deep house mix I’ve ever heard in my life, courtesy of my talented little protege – DJ G.

(A mix so good you will “shit in your pants” ??? Hahaha)

Limited edition … because we couldn’t afford to make more …