I popped down to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday for some work-related shit … after a hard day’s work, I hooked up with some friends for drinks at a favorite joint of mine – 7atenine.


7atenine is a restaurant/bar/lounge that serves a good mix of fusion cuisine in a minimalistic environment.

I always love a tastefully decorated bar (not too many in Malaysia) and I try and go to this place every time I’m in KL.


It’s a pretty cosy place with a good selection of wines, but the best thing about it is that is plays HOUSE MUSIC.

Good Decor + Good Booze + Good Music = Good Time.

This is always a winning formula for a good night out.


In this case, an extra ingredient was added to the formula, which was GOOD COMPANY.

Below is an old, old friend of mine – Kent Tan:


Kent is the person responsible for getting me into radio, so if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today! (So you guys know who to blame. Hahaha)

Of course, the other person I always hook up with when I’m in KL is non other than Steve (owner of the fire-breathing R34 GTR a few posts back):


The thing I only recently found out is that Steve and Kent actually know each other.

I was hardly surprised since Kent is an uber-producer/director at one of Malaysia’s biggest TV stations (NTV7) and Steve of course is the biggest sound system supplier in the country.


Kent just got back from Sydney and brought me some Coke Zero. Woo hoo! Love the packaging!


Oh yeah … what was the work-related shit I was in KL for?

Mmm … here’s a sneak peek:


Oh yeah.


Nike X Jeremy Fish Classic SB

Here is another pair of super underrated sneakers, but one I feel is probably one of the most interesting shoes that Nike has ever done.

Nike X Jeremy Fish Classic SB

Nike teamed up with the amazing artist Jeremy Fish last year to come up with his version of the Classic SB.

Nike X Jeremy Fish Classic SB

The shoe was delayed and delayed before it came out, since (I heard) that Jeremy was not satisfied with some of the details on the shoe and quite a few samples were made before the shoe actually went into production. 

Nike X Jeremy Fish Classic SB

I think the end result was worth the wait – just look at the fucking art/details on the shoes!!!! I’m just sad that this shoe didn’t get as much attention as some other collabs though.

Nike X Jeremy Fish Classic SB

However, if this was a dunk then I’m sure all the hypebeasts would have gone ape shit over it when it was launched.

Thank God it wasn’t. 


New Balance X Josh Wisdumb

Fools all over the world didn’t bother to fact check when this shoe came out and credited  the design (wrongly) to Eric Haze when it was actually designed by Josh Wisdumb.

New Balance X Josh Wisdumb

This is probably one of the most underrated pair of shoes out there, but I’m glad I have mine.

Like I always say … good things come to those who wait.

New Balance X Josh Wisdumb

Me is happy.

Check it:



Black Pete

Presenting … the “original” villain … as OG as it gets … Black Pete aka Bootleg Pete, Pegleg Pete, Pistol Pete, Louie the Leg etc … is actually Disney’s oldest continuing character, appearing even before Mickey Mouse.

Black Pete first appeared in a film created by Walt Disney called the Alice Comedies in 1925, 3 years before Mickey was created in 1928.

Contrary to popular belief, Walt Disney did NOT create Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse was actually created by a man named Ub Iwerks, a two-time Academy Award-winning animator, cartoonist and special effects technician. Walt Disney was actually the voice of Mickey Mouse from 1928-1946.

But nowadays, everyone thinks that Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse.

And Mickey Mouse was actually modelled after Felix The Cat, a hugely successful cartoon at the time.

I guess it’s sort of like the circus that is A Bathing Ape, where everyone thinks that Nigo is the one who designed the Bapesta shoes, when in reality – HE DIDN’T.

And not to mention the fact that the instantly recognizable “ape” head is ripped off from Erik Brunetti’s Fuct ape design and Planet of the Apes imagery from 92/93, so Nigo didn’t come up with that idea either.

Many years have gone by and many world changing events have happened since Black Pete first appeared, but it’s comforting to know that basically people are still the same.