Air Asia

Every time I take Air Asia, I see the same fucking thing over and over.

You’re supposed to queue to get onto the flight.

Two lines. One for families with children/elderly/disabled and one for everyone else.

Even though this is clearly stated in TWO languages on TWO signboards at every Air Asia gate, no one seems to understand what the fuck it means.

Air Asia

Or rather, they re-interpret it as:

One queue for super special passengers (them) who need to get their ass on the plane before everyone else because they’re special.

One queue for all the other poor sods who can fucking wait coz they’re not so special.

I’ve seen people with darker hair than me trying to blag senior citizenship status and some people who just pretend to ignore the signs and try to barge in anyway.

I can’t understand why people even bother with that shit because 1) Air Asia offers free seating, so anyone can sit anywhere and 2) even if you’re the first one on the plane, it’s not gonna leave till everyone else is on anyway, so what the fuck?

Air Asia

Queuing is a concept that flies over the heads of most Malaysians.

Go anywhere in Malaysia where the line is not clearly demarcated and see what happens?

Fucking chaos.

This sort of behaviour is prevalent in developing countries where people have poor manners and little/no social etiquette.

Like Malaysia.


Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

As you probably know, this pair of caps was Dope’s first product, produced in collaboration with Subcrew to commemorate our 1st Anniversary.

What you may not know is some of the stuff that went on behind the design of the caps … so I’ll talk a little about it here (in case anyone’s interested) … just treat it as some bullshit trivia la!

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

First up … the wooden floor that I used for the front of the backing board is a photo I took of the floor in our office.

This floor caused me a lot of grief because it was fucking expensive and our contractor didn’t install it properly, so there are like uneven/bouncy patches all over my floor. 

I walk on this floor every day (duh) so I sort of wanted everyone to share part of this experience: 

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

Designing the whole thing (cap/packaging) was pretty hard, actually.

How do you design something that will become a classic? Will it stand the test of time? Will people pay money for this? Will people wear it?

So many questions popped into my mind during the process and I’d like to believe the final product managed to address most of the issues, but since the caps sold out everywhere then I think the people have spoken la.

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

A lot of people keep asking me about this “Fuck Mediocrity” thing on the back of the packaging.

What is that?

What does it mean?

How do you pronounce medio-oh-what-the-fuck?

Well … Fuck Mediocrity is a sort of a personal motto of mine … I hate compromises, complacency and of course - mediocrity.

I also happen to have Fuck Mediocrity inked on my chest in that exact same script.

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

Hahaha … I thought this would be a nice way of putting a bit of myself and my nihilistic character onto the product.

I’ve always liked things which have some sort of personal touch to them … it shows that the creator/designer put a little bit of himself/herself into the product.

(And yes, I had this tattoo before I designed the packaging) …

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

There is a little tag on the back of the cap.

One side of the tag has the letters DD overlapping each other … what is this?

Other than the obvious alliteration – DD / Dope Distribution, comic book aficionados will immediately recognize this placement of letters as the logo of The Man Without Fear:

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

I’ve been a comic book fiend for years (ever since I could start reading) and even though my choice in titles and tastes have changed over the years, I have never stopped reading comic books.

There will always be comic book influences in my work (just look at the Dope logo)

Daredevil has also always been one of my favorite superheroes … amazing origin, deep storylines and of course the best artists working on the series – Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Tim Sale, etc …

I love Daredevil to the max. I only wish that piece-of-shit-on-celluloid starring Ben Affleck was 1/10th as good as Frank Miller’s worst story arc.

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

The picture above is of our “secret” colorway. It was never really intended to be a secret, but shit happened so that it became that way. I’m still stoked from the fact that this sold out through pre-orders even though nobody knew what the fuck it looked like.

Even our retailers never saw the design for it, so I’d like to thank everyone for having faith in me. (I hope it wasn’t misplaced)

This colorway was a pain for Subcrew to make, as it involved a few different manufacturing processes – mainly a photo print followed by screening a thin layer of rubber. 

The photo is actually one I took of the view from my office, then tricked out in Photoshop to make the colors more saturated:

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

I’m always amazed every day at work when I look out of the window, so I wanted to share some of this amazement with everyone who bought one of the caps – so theoretically you’re seeing what I see every day.

My office has a sick, sick view, and whether it’s rain or shine, the view is ALWAYS amazing.

I once sat through a thunderstorm in my office watching lightning strike at least 30 times on the sea which was pretty scary but beautiful at the same time.

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

On both caps, the word “DOPE” is not screened on in normal ink, but a thin layer of rubber.

I didn’t want the word simply silk-screened on, as I felt it would be too boring so I had discussions with Frankie (Subcrew) as to what we could do to make the word more interesting, and the 3D rubber printing was the solution he came up with.

And this of course was the perfect solution as I am also a HUGE petrolhead.

There’s probably not a day that goes by where I’m flipping through a car mag, playing a racing game on my Xbox or watching a car video/movie so being able to incorporate something akin to racing slick tyres onto our cap was something that made me really happy.

Dope X Subcrew Limited Edition Trucker Cap

Ok! So there you have it … all the shit that went on in my twisted little mind when designing the Dope X Subcrew trucker cap.

I’d to thank all our retailers for their faith and support, and I’d especially like thank ALL of you who parted with your cold, hard cash for the cap.

Thank you so much.


Mr. Ben's Law Office

The streetwear industry, design industry and music industry are not as fun to work in as they used to be, with backstabbers/assholes/posers/wannabes/charlatans everywhere so I’ve decided to take my experiences and venture into another field.

Here is my new office in Bangkok:

Mr. Ben's Law Office

So if you wanna check if your bitch is snakin’ behind your back just holla, me give you good good price.