My hump, my hump, my hump

What you gon’ do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I’m a get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps …

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.



Now Showing: For Love Or Money ...

I received some bad news today regarding a situation that has been slowly slipping and sliding downhill for the past few months.

It’s not directly related to me (only indirectly) but to hear the news was disappointing.

The whole thing has more twists and turns than your average TV drama, so I’ve decided to tell this like it was a synopsis for a movie.

I’ve decided to call this movie For Love Or Money.

The Players:

Mr. A – A world-famous artist. A-list superstar in the streetwear industry and beyond.
Mr. B – A really well-known rapper/celebrity in his country.
Mr. C – A poor* motherfucker with delusions of grandeur.

The Synopsis:

Mr. C loves Mr. A very much.
Mr. C wants to be mega-famous like Mr. A.
Mr. C decides to use Mr. A to become famous and make lots of money for himself.
Mr. C persuades Mr. A to open a clothing store in Mr. C’s home country.
Mr. A agrees.
Mr. C has no money coz he’s just a poor* motherfucker with delusions of grandeur.
Mr. C persuades a Mr. B to invest in this venture.
Mr. B says ok because he likes Mr. A’s art.
Mr. C takes money from Mr. B.
Mr. C never gives money to Mr. A and pockets it ALL himself.
Mr. A flies into town for a high-profile shop opening.
Mr. C keeps Mr. A away from Mr. B during the opening so they can’t talk much.
Mr. A asks Mr. C where is the money and Mr. C says Mr. B never gave him any.
Mr. C buys a new condo.
Mr. C buys a new car.
Mr. C likes his new lifestyle.
Mr. B has no clue that Mr. C has fleeced him.
Mr. A finds out that Mr. C has pocketed all the money and leaves town angrily.
Mr. B still has no idea that Mr. C has screwed him.
Mr. A announces to friends and family back home that the project is over.
Mr. C knows Mr. A will not design anything new, but still wants to make money.
Mr. C “designs” a “new collection” by using old bits of Mr. A’s art he has collected.
Mr. C tries to sell this “new collection” to Mr. B.
Mr. A finds out what is going on.
Mr. B finds out what is going on.
Mr. C disappears.
Mr. A and Mr. B try to work things out.
Mr. A designs a new collection for Mr. B.
Mr. B has to pay money to Mr. A upfront this time.
Mr. A’s new collection sells really well – with a little help from Mr. B’s friends.
Mr. C re-emerges and says Mr. A and Mr. B played him out.
Mr. A is very angry.
Mr. B is also very angry.
Mr. B asks Mr. A for more designs because the new collection has almost sold out.
Mr. A disappears.
Mr. B doesn’t know what to do since Mr. A hasn’t given him any new designs.
Mr. B keeps paying rent/salary etc for a shop that doesn’t have anything to sell.
Mr. C keeps telling anyone who will listen that Mr. A and Mr. B played him out.
Mr. A is still incommunicado.
Mr. B lets Mr. A know that if he still doesn’t hear from him, he will close the shop.
Mr. A tells Mr. B’s friend he will send Mr. B some new designs.
Mr. B never receives anything from Mr. A, not even a phone call.
Mr. B closes the shop.


Mr. A is rich and famous anyway, so doesn’t give a fuck about Mr. B or the shop.
Mr. B lost US$300,000.00 but it’s ok, he has other businesses.
Mr. C is now world-famous – as a fucking con man.
Mr. C is also wanted in the USA for credit-card fraud.
Mr. C has spent years learning Mr. A’s tag so he can make fake shit to sell on Ebay.
Mr. C is still at large.

* by poor I mean “no-money” poor, not “poor baby” poor.


I knew about this project since Day One and I have always watched it with interest.

Somewhere along the way I got drawn in and cast as an extra in this “drama” (just a teeny-weeny bit part) so I am very disappointed at how this “blockbuster” has panned out.

*sigh* … Just another day in the viscious business we call streetwear … makes you wonder sometimes whether people do it for love or money

P.S. There is NO moral to this story and there is NO happy ending.

Now Showing: For Love Or Money ...