Alife X Reebok Court Victory Pump

Alife X Reebok Court Victory Pump

Alife X Reebok Court Victory Pump

Alife X Reebok Court Victory Pump

Alife X Reebok Court Victory Pump

Alife X Reebok Court Victory Pump

Copped these fuzzy furries from one of Singapore’s most famous social parasites (kekeke) …

Pink is my favorite color … can’t resist the lure of anything pink.

Pink is the shittttttttttttttttttt … !!!

This will be my last post of 2007 so I hope you all had a good year, and may next year be super duper for you (except the haters)

Happy new year and see you in ’08, bitches.



What's Good? pres. That's It? @ eM Studio

Thanks to everyone for coming down to support … My apologies to those who√ā¬†came all the way√ā¬†down but couldn’t get in … clubs have age restrictions – those factors are not under our control … but thank you all for coming.

Most thanks must go to Tony @ eM Studio for indulging and supporting us …

Party pics @√ā¬†… observant peeps might get a pleasant surprise there√ā¬†… kekeke


I have been stuck in crazy-ass meetings every day for the past√ā¬†4 weeks.

Some “thing” has happened that needs my urgent attention because this “thing” needs to√ā¬†be up and running√ā¬†by Chinese New Year, so unfortunately 99% of my time and effort has been redirected towards this “thing” …

The good news is that if this “thing” happens … certain landscapes/climates in Penang will change.

And when I say landscapes/climates I’m not referring to the scenery or the weather.

The remaining 1% of my time and effort has been to prepare for our Year End Party tomorrow night in Singapore.

G has been burning the midnight oil and has been in√ā¬†the studio every night, sorting out the music and making sure all is good. I think the tracks he’s selected for the event are the best I’ve ever heard and√ā¬†some√ā¬†envelopes will definitely be pushed at the party.√ā¬†

Jon called in from Malacca (he’s back home for Christmas) and said he’s composed some new bass-riffs for the party, so I’m looking forward to hearing those at the sound check tomorrow. What Jon is doing with us now is something new and crazy, and if you hear him play with us -√ā¬†you will realize what an insanely talented musician he is.

A lot of effort has been put in by√ā¬†a lot of different people√ā¬†to bring this unique show to you so I hope to see everyone @ eM Studio tomorrow night!

What's Good? pres. That's It? feat. BadBoyBen, Jon Chen & DJ G


Lakai - Fully Flared

JBS sent me this for Christmas, since he knew I was fiending for it like a motherfucker.

This is THE skate video of 2007.

Maybe even forever.

Shit, I don’t know how anyone’s gonna top this.

This video was made by skaters for skaters who’ve watched every skate video since The Search For Animal Chin.

In comparism, Nike’s√ā¬†Nothing But The Truth seems like a movie that was made by non-skaters for other non-skaters who only hype/collect/resell Nike SBs.

Since the birth of Animal Chin, the sole purpose of every skate video has been to blow you away and make you so stoked that you simply had to get off your fat ass and go skating.

Lakai’s Fully Flared blows you away so much that it makes you wanna quit skating on the spot because you know you’ll never be as good as Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Alex Olson or Jesus Fernandez.

I wanted to cry after watching Marc Johnson’s part.

Anyone with even a remote interest in skateboarding should get their hands on a copy RIGHT NOW.

Thank you homie, me love you long time.



G Spot, G Hotel, Penang

After a great dinner downstairs at the G Caf√ɬ©, we adjourned upstairs to the G Spot, G Hotel’s√ā¬†own little night spot.

One of the main reasons√ā¬†we all√ā¬†decided to go here for drinks is because√ā¬†none of us had any√ā¬†desire whatsoever to deal with traffic jams and gridlock at that hour.

G Spot, G Hotel, Penang

The G Spot, is an insanely well-designed and decorated bar that reeks luxury from every nook and cranny.

It’s not huge, but just the right size for a cozy ambience in a live music venue.

G Spot, G Hotel, Penang

The menu is also great, and fitting of a bar of this caliber. They have almost every√ā¬†flavor of Absolut for you to choose from, plus a good selection of wines and spirits for the most discerning of drinkers.

Prices are a little on the steep side, but in my opinion that’s a good thing -√ā¬†if they were too low then you would have all sorts of trash frequenting the place – just look at Glo.

G Spot, G Hotel, Penang

The ONLY complaint I have about the G Spot is the music.

I think a classy place deserves classy music, but Hokkien songs, golden oldies√ā¬†and cheesy remixes have no place√ā¬†at such a beautiful bar like the G Spot.

I seriously hope the management takes this into consideration and stops trying to attract so many grannies and grandads to the G!

G Spot, G Hotel, Penang

Many thanks to Pilus for taking such good care of us and going beyond the call of his duty to ensure that our night was a pleasant one.


I forgot to add this earlier, so I’m putting it in now … this is what “picturesque” Penang tourist hot-spot Gurney Drive looked like at 2.30AM on Christmas Day:

Gurney Drive, Penang


G Cafe, G Hotel, Penang

After the much-lauded G Hotel made my shit list a while back (click here and here for details), I was urged by Jon to give them another chance because they had changed management.

Normally if someone tells me a place has “changed management” then I would think¬†something dodgy has gone down – like a place/business was not doing well so the owners decided to cut their losses and sell it to some moron who was naive enough to believe that they would do a better job than the previous people.

Needless to say, you can probably tell that I’m not very¬†excited when someone mentions the words “changed management” to me. However, in the¬†G Hotel’s¬†case, the hotel hadn’t changed owners, they just replaced the General Manager.

G Cafe, G Hotel, Penang

Anyway, I decided to have my Christmas Eve dinner at the G Hotel, since I wanted to go somewhere new this year and the G Cafe seemed to be the most interesting option in town.

My friends√ā¬†had a little trouble making reservations for dinner due to the fact that no one ever picked up the phone at the G Cafe, but we finally managed to sort√ā¬†everything out (with a little help from Marco, the G Hotel’s new General Manager)

The G Cafe is a tastefully decorated restaurant, very minimalist and modern – much like the rest of the hotel.

To be honest, I love the hotel’s decor, as I am a great fan of this sort of interior design, and it’s a pleasant contrast to the cheesy, old-fashioned designs of the rest of Penang’s hotels.

G Cafe, G Hotel, Penang

The buffet spread was impressive –¬†not so much by the quantity, but by the quality of the food that was offered.

I started off with some lobster bisque, made my way to the requisite salmon sashimi, passed on the oysters, moved on the roast rack of lamb with mint jelly and finished with some Lobster Thermidor.

Everything that I tried was delicious, and I felt that my RM128++ was a really good deal.

To top it all off, we received some exceptional service from the staff – probably the best service from any restaurant I’ve ever¬†been to¬†in Penang.

G Cafe, G Hotel, Penang

My thanks to Marco and especially Khamil for bending over backwards for us and offering my friends and I such generous hospitality.

We will be back.



For those of you who’ve never been to our office/showroom/studio, I thought you might be interested to know that the only type of beverage that we have to serve to visitors is alcohol.


We don’t have any coffee, tea, coke, juice or even water for that matter.

(The cans you see√ā¬†in the fridge√ā¬†are tonic water)

(The bottle of Bailey’s at the bottom is Jo Xiao Jie’s custody bottle)


On the rare occasions that we have had any juice in the fridge, it’s always been cranberry juice.