Marco Battistotti

You’ve read about Marco, the GM of the g Hotel many, many times on my blog, so I thought I’d let you all put a face to the name.

Since taking the helm of the hotel a scant 6 months ago, Marco has managed to completely turn the place around and revitalize the image of the hotel.

The man has vision, I tell you!

Marco and I are currently working on something completely revolutionary for the Penang entertainment scene, which we will reveal soon.




GoodBoyJeff was in town to interview Penang’s new Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, so while he was waiting for our new CM to make up his mind what time he wanted to meet with him, Jeff and I went for drinks at the g Hotel.

Apart from being 988’s #1 DJ right now, Jeff also hosts a TV show on NTV7 called Yummy Trail and is about to release his first book – a guide to good food in Malaysia.

He’s got his fingers in more pies than I can count and trust me, in less than a year, my boy is gonna become a MOGUL.

You read about it here first.


Jin Da MC

Jin passed me a copy of his latest album, ABC, the other day.

The ABC that he is referring to on the album is the term - American Born Chinese.

It’s the first time Jin has recorded an entire album in Cantonese and it’s also the first time he has recorded an album without composing all the lyrics before going into the studio (due to the fact that, like me, he cannot read or write Chinese) … he just went in and let whatever was running through his mind at the time inspire him.

Compared to his previous work, I feel it’s a lot more liberated and Jin sounds like he’s having a lot of fun throughout the whole album – and that’s a good thing. His flow is good and his rhymes are fresh.

The content is written so that Chinese people all over the world can relate to it. Anyone who’s ever watched a TVB drama series, watched a Steven Chow movie or enjoyed dim sum will get what he’s rapping and love it.

My personal favorites include Hong Kong Superstar, 1997 and Instant Noodles.

I super highly recommend this album – if you can find it.

Oh and the other day, when we were coming back from one of Jin’s shows, he let me hear some tracks from his new, yet-to-be-released English album and all I can say is that every track I heard was fucking SOLID GOLD.


Jin Da MC


Lord Ivan Omar was having dinner with my friend Tony last night at one of the poshest restaurants in town, and the plan was for them to go and see Jin perform in Butterworth after dinner but Lord Omar needed to go home and put some make up on first before going to the show.

Half an hour later after being dropped off, Lord Omar still didn’t appear and poor Tony was left waiting outside his house and sending me msgs.

Needless to say, Tony missed Jin’s show and Lord Omar still hasn’t called back.

Methinks he has narcolepsy.