What's Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection

We’ll be launching the What’s Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection this Thursday at the opening of What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur.

I’m really proud of this collection because it marks my first foray into tailored goods – i.e. cut & sew denim.

Of course this endeavour would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the encouragement and guidance of, his holiness Sir JBS, who worked with me to create a kick-ass set of products.

What's Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection

Initially, we only planned to release a pair of jeans, since we’ve collaborated before on both t-shirts and caps and I wanted to try something new.

But when Brian saw my monogramme design, he was so stoked that he insisted we release a T and trucker at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if we would have enough time, but Brian told me he would make it happen, and indeed he did.

What's Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection

For the trucker, the only people I trust to make them are Subcrew, so naturally this super urgent 11th hour task went to them. No more needs to be said about Frankie and his cap making skills. 😉

Brian designed a custom cut & sew pocket T and had it made at the Know1edge factory. The shape of the pocket is the same shape as the back pocket on the pair of jeans, which is a pretty sweet detail. We’re also using a slightly different material/finish for the T, so I hope everyone will like it.

The pair of jeans was designed by me and based loosely on one of my favorite pair of Know1edge jeans. The monogramme was originally supposed to be only for the inner lining of the jeans, but I wanted people to be able to spot the jeans from a mile away so I decided to use the lining material on the back pocket also. The result of this is that the back pocket print will fade depending on how you sit and if you wear out the lining then the denim underneath will peep through so everyone’s pair should be different.

What's Good? X Kno1edge Monogramme Collection

The denim material is 13oz. premium selvedge that’s been through one wash. Why wash the selvedge? Because I can’t stand jeans bleeding onto my kicks man! The result is an awesome, grainy texture that makes the denim look really unique.

The factory that made our jeans is the same one that Know1edge uses (naturally) but what nobody knows is that it is also the same factory that makes Nudie, RMC, 7 and a few other ultra-premium denim brands.

For me the most important thing is the quality of the product so when we look for manufacturers to make stuff for us we always look for the best. The cost is definitely higher, but at the end of the day we have products that we can hold in our hands and be proud of.

Like the What’s Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection.

P.S. Thanks to WZA for parading the cap everywhere before I’ve even seen the real thing.



Sold Out!

Sold out in 30 minutes? 30 MINUTES? Shit that’s about the same amount of time it takes me to decide what to wear every morning … thank you to everyone who queued overnight at What’s Good? Singapore for the Dope Red/White Trucker Cap.

I’m completely overwhelmed that you guys continue to show us so much love and support and I truly appreciate it.

I hope you enjoy your caps.

Thank you so much.


Goldfish @ Maison

Went with Jin the other night to check out Alvin Teoh aka DJ Goldfish’s night @ Maison.

Goldfish @ Maison

Whenever I am in Kuala Lumpur on a Thursday and free, I will always drop by, because Alvin is one of my favorite DJs to listen to.

Goldfish @ Maison

Maison was rammed to the rafters and it was tough even trying to get to the bathroom!

Goldfish @ Maison


Jin Joins Conspiracy

As regular visitors to the What’s Good? Conspiracy site will no doubt have noticed, we’ve had a little addition to our group of conspirers for a while now.

It took us about a week or so, but everything’s all set up and it gives me great pleasure to officially welcome Jin to the What’s Good? Conspiracy.

I’m super psyched that Jin wanted to participate in this project with us, and I am sure his blog will be one of the most exciting in our community as he shares all the going-ons in his amazing life with us.

And true to his style, Jin has already dropped a bomb on everyone by revealing his brand new logo that I designed for him recently.

Jin and I will be developing into a one-stop information centre for all things Jin-related – whether it’s music, video, photos or events, etc … so hopefully all his fans don’t need to scour to the ends of the Internet to find stuff about their favorite rapper …

Welcome onboard, homie!