To those “in charge,”

Stop continuing to treat ALL Malaysians as half-witted and mentally challenged morons who will believe anything you say and do nothing about it.

I really think I am not alone when it comes to having had enough of the bullshit that you people have been trying to force feed us for so many years.

What are you going to do now, order the ISPs to block access to my site too because I’m saying what’s on my mind?

I would have thought that after your abysmal performance in this year’s election you would have realized something was wrong and people didn’t like you all. And the normal recourse would be to try and make the country a better place so that the next time, you don’t get your asses handed to you on a platter. But nooOoo all you fuckers know how to do is charge people with sodomy, fix voting lists and block HONEST news websites.

Come on, grow the fuck up – you are supposed to be the people who are taking care of the country, not your personal interests. A “public servant” is someone who is elected to serve the public’s interest.

All you are doing now with you petty and irrelevant actions is making the people lose what little faith they had left in you.

On the other hand, I should say THANK YOU, because you guys are making it SO much easier for the people to choose who they want to run the country in the next election.

Happy Merdeka.

P.S. For everyone who wants to read about what is actually going on in Malaysia, you can visit www.malaysia-today.net (currently being blocked by local ISPs) or www.malaysiakini.com – these two places provide honest to goodness news about our country’s current state of affairs.

If you can’t access Malaysia Today’s website, try this mirror:


P.P.S. And if you don’t hear from me a few days after this post has gone up, it probably means I’ve been locked up on charges of sedition or something so I hope someone can go to my house and water my plants … hahaha


Had some weird sounds coming out from the rear wheels of my car, so I brought it to ST Wangan in Kuala Lumpur to check … we found out that the rear brake pads had broken.

How the fuck do brake pads break???

These were Endless pads that came with the car, and not the front ones I changed myself.

So now I’m running Top Secret brake pads on both the front and back … lets see how long these last … kekeke