Ministry Of Food

There was this place I walked past a couple of times at Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur that I wanted to try, and last weekend when I was there, I finally had some time so I went with Dean.

I wanted to try this place because a) I have a huge sweet tooth and b) it looks like the sort of Japanese-style coffee shop that you would find in Hong Kong.

The place is called MOF (not MOFO – hahaha) and we were wondering what it meant until we saw the cash register spell out the words: Ministry Of Food.


Ministry Of Food

This is one of the recommended items on their menu – soft serve ice cream with Imo (Japanese sweet potatoes) and black sesame paste on top.

I was pretty disappointed with the presentation as it really looked nothing like the photo in the menu.

The Imo had been fried in some sort of batter, which was more chewy than crispy and wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be.

Ministry Of Food

Supposedly Imo is such good shit that you need instructions on how to eat it.

Ministry Of Food

Dean and I were not impressed.