Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

A couple of days ago, Ryan took me to try what he claimed was the “best chicken rice in Singapore

Now this was a lofty claim, and I had tried a lot of different chicken rices in Singapore before, so naturally I was curious to try “the best”

Before we arrived, I asked Ryan how it compared to the “best chicken rice in the world” that we had in Penang and he said it was “comparable” … I said, “Hmm … you don’t sound too confident bro.”


Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

So we arrived at this food court located along Margaret Drive and made our way to this unassuming stall that was very nondescript except for the hordes of people queueing up there. All the tables were full but we managed to find a table that we could share with someone and Ryan went to order our lunch.

Within 10 minutes our feast had arrived and I was eager to get started. One thing I noticed about the chicken was that it was really meaty, like probably twice the size of the chickens we normally eat in Penang.

Usually when the meat is so thick, its hard to cook the chicken thoroughly and if you do cook it properly its usually overdone but these people had no problem with it and the chicken was cooked through and through but was still amazingly tender.

My verdict on this chicken? Almost two thumbs up. Like really almost. The “best chicken rice in the world” in Penang just pips this one by a tiny bit.

Just a bit. Its almost too close to tell. Tee hee~

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

3 secret ingredients to a good plate of chicken rice – ginger sauce, black soya sauce and chilli sauce.

You have to add all 3 to your plate of rice in order for it to become a taste bomb.

The soya sauce is the thick type and the chilli sauce is the slightly sour type with garlic in it.

Each chicken rice restaurant always has their own secret recipe for the chilli sauce and many people consider the taste of the chilli sauce to be just as important as the taste of the chicken.

My verdict on this chilli sauce? One and a half thumbs – good but not quite as good as the one I always eat at in Penang.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

The other ULTRA important part of a good plate of chicken rice is the – rice.

The rice is usually cooked with a secret combination of coconut oil and spices and has a beautiful fragrance to it that will surely whet any appetite.

I could smell the rice before we even reached the stall so by that fact alone I gave this rice two thumbs up for sure. When you mix the ginger sauce, soya sauce and chilli all into it, there’s no turning back from a second plate.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

The final verdict is that the Sin Kee stall/restaurant at the Margaret Drive food court is by far the BEST chicken rice I have ever eaten in Singapore. If you’ve never tried it before you should and if you HAVE tried it and know of a better place, please tell me so I can go there and try it the next time I am in Singapore.

However … the “best chicken rice in the world” is still located in Penang.

BUT BUT BUT if you are in Singapore, please do go try this chicken rice because it really is the bomb.

And that’s not all – somewhere nearby in the same food court is this crazy ass fried dumpling:

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

I don’t know where Yi Xuan got these from but they are I.N.S.A.N.E.

These came only AFTER I had finished stuffing my face full of chicken rice and I was so full but I had to try one. I tried one and I wanted to cry because they were so good and I was so full.

The only thing I could do was to get up and try to walk some of the chicken rice off so I could stuff a few more of these fried dumplings in.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

Thanks to my homie Ryan and Yi Xuan for bringing me to sample the best chicken rice in Singapore!