Eric Haze for What's Good?

Eric Haze for What’s Good? … a dream come true for me … in so many ways.

First and foremost, you have to realize that I am a HUGE fan of Eric’s work, and his art has always been present in my life in one format or another. I have a lot of the old album covers that he designed (especially Beastie Boys), and to me Eric Haze created the image of old school hip hop.

I never imagined that one day I would have a chance to work with one of the most prominent and prolific urban artists in the world. To have been able to exchange views and share opinions with someone I had admired and respected for so long was an incredible experience for me.

My utmost thanks go to JBS for putting feelers out to Eric and getting him interested.

But before Eric agreed to do some work for us we sat down together one afternoon in Hong Kong (after his exhibition) to have a little chat. We got to understand each other a lot better and I think Eric decided there and then that we would try to do something together.

We agreed to pursue the matter further via emails and phone calls as he was rushing off to Tokyo and I had to come back home. I have learned that sometimes these things take time and I was prepared to wait as long as possible for Eric to be ready to start our project but to my surprise I received an email from him about a week later and he said he was ready to start.

The whole process was incredibly smooth and quick – Eric would mock something up in his studio, take a photo of it and send it to me then we would talk about it and move on from there. Eric Haze is one of the most professional people that I have ever worked with and he is definitely one of the coolest cats you will ever meet. 

Eric Haze for What's Good?

After Eric’s artwork was completed, the next step was to manifest it into something physical. I had already planned to start manufacturing apparel under the What’s Good? label and to have Eric’s art on the first ever item of clothing from our label seemed like an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

The timeline for manufacturing also coincided with What’s Good? Singapore’s 1st Anniversary so the stars aligned and we decided to launch the T this Saturday in Singapore. I couldn’t think of a better present to give the boys than this!

I’m also proud that What’s Good? is the first “unit” that Eric Haze has chosen to work with in Southeast Asia and I know that Eric is extremely picky about who he chooses to work with – the stories he told me about projects he turned down scared the shit out of me but then makes what we did together even sweeter.

Hopefully the creation of the Eric Haze For What’s Good? project will make more people around the world realize that there is some good shit coming out of Southeast Asia and that its not all just filled with bootleggers, rich kids, wannabes and posers.

If reading my last paragraph made you wince, then you probably belong in one of those four groups of parasitic assholes that are taking advantage of our region’s growing interest in urban culture so fuck you.

If it made you laugh then I’m glad because you’re laughing along with me as we take What’s Good? to the next level.

P.S. Thank you Eric for giving us a chance to work together and also for being so patient with me.

Eric Haze for What's Good?


Space @ Asian Heritage Row, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ryan decided to come to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend, so of course I dragged my ass down there to meet up with him. We went to Space to party on Saturday night with a whole bunch of friends and it was chaos.

As usual, when Ryan and I get together we get up to no good, but I’ll let the photos do the talking …

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Lemar & Dauley X DC Volcano

These babies were in the box that DC just sent me … a super fresh collab with cult New York streetwear brand Lemar & Dauley.

Lemar & Dauley X DC Volcano

Reminiscent of a pair of Ice Creams but still with enough flavor of their own I think these are probably the most colorful Volcanos in existence.

Lemar & Dauley X DC Volcano

Lemar & Dauley’s clothes have always been ultra colorful and their brand is basically a throwback to the crazy colors of the 90’s and this shoe embodies their brand perfectly.

Lemar & Dauley X DC Volcano

Hmm … now I have to find a top to go with them …


What's Good? Singapore 1st Anniversary Party

One year ago, we were an unknown quantity in the urban fashion retail environment.

365 days later we’ve managed to become one of the most well-known names on the Southeast Asian streetwear scene.

One of the reasons for this is the sheer amount of hard work that everyone at What’s Good? has put in. All of us have been hustling non-stop for the past year and now we are starting to see the fruits of our labor.

The other reason is the insane support that we’ve received from our homies worldwide who have been helping us spread the word of the work we are doing in the region.

The success of What’s Good? has really been a cumulative effort by my friends and family and there is no way that I could have done even 10% of this on my own.

The biggest props however, must go to my brilliant partners Ryan, Ivan, Aaron and Salty Wet Ben, who have really gone all out to make What’s Good? a success in Singapore.

They’ve proven all the doubters wrong and shoved 2 fingers up every haters’ ass so I think we’re on the right track for the future.

The Fashion Bar, Clarke Quay, Singapore

So come and celebrate this milestone with us on the 1st of November, where I will be drunk and G will be DJing (or vice versa) … the do takes place at one of my favorite bars in Singapore – the Fashion Bar. Honestly speaking, its the perfect location for us to throw a party and I’m really grateful to Allan Lim and Jeremy Lim from Lifebrandz for hooking this up.

I’m also grateful to DC Shoes for providing us with a huge amount of giveaways for the night – make sure you’re there early to cop the freebies! Thank you Jeremy Hale!

Another thing I should mention is that we will be launching some new shit from our apparel collection on the night. This new shit will cement our repuation as one of Southeast Asia’s premier urban retail stores and will pave the way for much more goodness to happen in our region in the future.

Exaggeration? Hype? Bullshit? Well, wait till you see what drops on the night, motherfuckers.

What's Good? Singapore 1st Anniversary Party