Taking it back to the old school

Tonight at the g Lounge launch, I’ll be breaking out some rare grooves from my record collection … that’s right – I’m bringing turntables to the party.

When I was planning the music direction for the launch I decided that our vibe was going to be centered around uplifting vocal/souful house, mixed in with some Latin beats as well as some jazz-tinged house. I remembered that I had a hell of a lot of records like this so I thought it would be cool to play them at tonight.

I’ve got some sweet, sweet classics in the bag which I know you are gonna love!


g Lounge @ g Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

Alritey then … tomorrow is the big party at the g Lounge and I have some really sweet news to update everyone with – we’re gonna have 2 special guests performing/jamming with DJ G and myself tomorrow night and I am so excited I can’t sit still while typing this.

The first special guest will be my frequent collaborator Jonathen Chen (Asian Beat Best Bassist 2007):

Jonathan Chen

Jon has finally decided to take a break from being a fucking hippy and getting back to what he does best – playing kick-ass bass. For those of you who’ve heard Jon and I performing together before you know what to expect … for those of you who haven’t get ready to be blown away by Jon’s dirty bass licks.

The second special guest will be legendary jazz percussionist Syed Mustapha Aljuned, better known to friends and fans as Tapa:


Tapa is a good friend of mine who also happens to be one of the world’s most talented jazz percussionists. He lived in Paris for 40 years before deciding to come back to Malaysia and settle down in Penang. He now runs the famous Jazz Blues Studio on the island and is a musician whom I have respected and admired for a lonnnng time.

Everyone who’s coming tomorrow night is in for a real treat!


DJ G Live At The G Lounge Mix CD

Yo yo here’s a li’l somethin’ somethin’ we cooked up for everyone who’s coming to the g Lounge’s launch party on Saturday.

The g Hotel will be giving out 100 copies of an exclusive mix CD recorded by DJ G to selected customers on the night of the party (I think that means everyone who actually orders a decent amount of booze will get a free CD though I’m not 100% sure because I’m not in charge of distribution)

The mix is a great selection of the sort of music you can expect to hear at the g Lounge on any given day and perfectly captures the vibe of the place. Its one of the best lounge mixes I’ve ever heard G make so I hope everyone who loves nu jazz/lounge/electronica can get their hands on a copy!

Please remember that the CD is for PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and absolutely NOT FOR SALE.


g Lounge Launch Party, 29 November 2008 @ g Hotel

A short while back I told you that we had a lot of super exciting things planned at the g Hotel, and I wasn’t kidding.

The first event we’ve got lined up for you is the official launch of the g LoungePenang’s most stylish and sophisticated chillout destination. I don’t think there’s been a single person who’s ever been with me to the lounge that has not fallen in love with the place. I think it is the most beautiful lobby lounge in the whole of Penang -wait- whole of Malaysia.


So to celebrate and introduce this beautiful place to Penangites we’re throwing a little party – and everyone’s invited! G and I will be manning the decks so you know its going to be good shit all night long.

Space is SUPER limited so make sure you get there early.

g Lounge Launch Party, 29 November 2008 @ g Hotel


Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Finally … Nike Sportswear landed in Malaysia on Saturday with the opening of the first official Nike Sportswear store at Gurney Plaza’s new wing Penang.

If you didn’t read it already, my preview about this was here.

Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

I’m happy for Jerasia (the company that owns this and a few other Nike stores in Malaysia) as they have been taking a much more active interest in the lifestyle aspect of Nike footwear lately and the product they have been bringing into their Pavilion store has been top notch.

Nike fans in Penang should be glad that someone is bringing good shit in at reasonable prices and I hope Jerasia keeps upping the ante on the kicks they bring in.

Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Air Jordan 6 Rings … hmm … should I?

I wanted to send my buddies some congratulatory flowers but I think a normal flower arrangement is so not my style so I went to find my good friend Bryan from Ohara Florist to see if he could make a custom flower arrangement for me:

Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

We worked out how best to do it and I quickly made up some reference artwork for him to refer to and away he went! The final result was pretty neat and judging by the sheer number of people who were taking photos with the flowers, I’d say my gift to Nike Sportswear was pretty well received.

Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

My favorite sneakerpimps Sean (L) and Carlos (R) below … thanks for always giving the me the heads up!

Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

They told me that a lot of people went down to the shop really early in the morning to cop the exclusive Dunks after reading my blog so I’m glad Penang sneakerheads came to support what is soon going to become the best place to get your kicks fix on the island.

Malaysia's 1st Nike Sportswear Store @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

During the time I was the shop I was introduced by Carlos to someone from Nike and he asked me where I bought my shoes from … hmm … He didn’t seem to notice the impossible to find Jordan XX3 All-Stars and P-Rod SB Futuras running around the shop which are faaar more heat worthy than my cheesy pink kicks … tee hee

Congratulations again to Jerasia Fashion S/B and I hope you keep the good stuff coming!

See pics of the store at We Love Hype!