2008 ... an awesome year!

2008 has been a crazy, crazy year for me and so many things happened that I’m still in a shock from all the shit that went down.

It’s all been a little surreal and sometimes I still can’t believe it.

Just so you can have a bit of an idea of what I’ve been through this year, I spent a little time and compiled a list of my “highlights” of¬†2008:

What’s Good? Apparel Launch (Jan)

What's Good? Apparel Launch @ eM Studio, Singapore

The first time we launched our own apparel … I was nervous as hell … worried about whether people would dig the shit I designed … I put a lot of effort into this collection and we were fortunate to have support from Methamphibian and Know1edge on this so it was all good and in the end … everything sold out in a day.

What’s Good? Featured in Milk Magazine For The First Time (Jan)

Milk Magazine #338

Which scenester does not read Milk magazine religiously? This is the weekly streetwear bible of what’s hot in Hong Kong and for our stuff to appear in this periodical only a few months after What’s Good? started was amazing.

What’s Good Featured in Streetwear Today (Jan)

Streetwear Today #23

Milk and Streetwear Today coverage in the same month sounded too good to be true but everything happened at the same time which was fucking awesome. Europe IS taking notice of what we are doing over here.

Fuschia Dope Trucker Cap Launch (Feb)

Dope Distribution Limited Edition Trucker Cap Launch

I knew there was a good buzz about the fuschia Dope trucker cap when we announced it and I had a good feeling about the colorway, but when Ryan called me and told me there was a long overnight queue outside The Cathay I couldn’t believe it. In the end, the caps were sold out in 60 minutes, which was madness.

g Hotel X Funkshoppe Records (Apr)

g Hotel X Funkshoppe Records

When I was approached by the g Hotel’s award-winning GM Marco and asked if I would be interested in designing the music concept for the g Hotel I immediately agreed and we worked out the mechanics of everything in just under 2 weeks. Since we started collaborating together we have produced some revolutionary work and really pushed the boundaries of what can or cannot be done in a hotel environment. In many ways this is one of the coolest projects I have worked on/am working on.

White/Red/Black Dope Trucker Cap Launch (Apr)

Dope Distribution Limited Edition Trucker Cap Launch @ What's Good? Singapore

A lot of haters were saying it was pure luck etc etc that there was such a good response to our fuschia Dope trucker cap launch but I guess we proved those fuckers wrong when we had an even crazier queue for the launch of our white/red/black Dope trucker cap. And to up the ante once again, the caps were sold out in 30 minutes. Selling out once could be a fluke, twice could be a coincidence but three times in a row? You had better start paying attention. ūüėČ

What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur Opening (May)

What's Good? Kuala Lumpur Grand Opening

The day I had anticipated most in the whole year arrived and it seemed like the whole circus came to town just for this event. With support from my boys 24Herbs, Ryan Hui, Jin, Milk magazine and the whole What’s Good? Singapore posse we had the most awesome independent store opening EVER in Malaysia. I mean, 4 TV stations turning up can’t be wrong. I don’t think a feat like this will ever be replicated again in the country.

What’s Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection (May)

What's Good? X Know1edge Monogramme Collection

Coinciding with the launch of What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur, Brian and I designed a small collection of goodies to be launched on opening day and the results were amazing. I was really proud of my first foray into denim and I’m glad everyone loved it too.

What’s Good? Sessions One (May)

The What's Good? Sessions One @ The Loft KL

This was party of the year for me and it brings a tear to my eye every time I think about it – 24Herbs, Jin, DJ G and me performing together for a totally up-for-it crowd in one of my favorite clubs in Malaysia … not much more I could ask for. My deepest thanks to The Loft’s owner Sebastien Haegel for being so supportive.

What’s Good? + Me Featured in Milk Magazine (May)

Milk Magazine Issue 355

Milk magazine’s editor Tony flew over with 24Herbs to cover What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur’s opening and the result was a 6-page spread in the magazine. I was speechless when I saw the magazine and I am eternally grateful to Tony and the whole Milk crew for the support they have shown me.

Alive Not Dead (Jun)

Alive Not Dead

I finally joined online community Alive Not Dead in June (after a lot of hyping up by Warren) and I immediately started receiving a whole lotta love from everyone on the site – admins, fans and random people. Alive Not Dead has showed me just how tightly knit and supportive an online community can be and I’m extremely proud to be part of it.

Bought A New Car (Jun)


I managed to finally get my hands on one of my dream cars and every time I’ve driven the car since I’ve experienced a thrill that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick and tired of. Not everyone will understand my neverending need for speed but I don’t give a fuck. This was definitely the highlight of the year for me (on a personal level)

Eric Haze’s Full Circle Exhibition (Jul)

Eric Haze - Full Circle

With Brian, Conroy and Diesel organizing an exhibition for Eric Haze in Hong Kong there was no way I was going to miss this and I finally had a chance to meet one of my long-time idols. Eric and I got to spend some quality time together and I am happy to have become friends with someone I have admired and respected for so long (and still do)

The Tour Of Misia – Discothque Asia Concert (Sep)

The Tour Of Misia - Discotheque Asia

The best concert I have ever watched and I will not hesitate to watch her perform again. I don’t have any words that can convey her awesomeness to you. Sorry.

24Herbs Trucker Cap (What’s Good? Exclusive Colorway) (Sep)

24Herbs Trucker Cap - What's Good? Exclusive Colorway

Brian let me design an exclusive colorway of the 24Herbs trucker cap for their show in Singapore and I was really happy with the result. Many people have told me that this is their favorite colorway and I am always touched to hear that.

Asian Hip Hop Festival (Oct)

Asian Hip Hop Festival @ Impact Arena, Bangkok Thailand

24Herbs were part of the line up for Thaitanium’s mega Asian Hip Hop Festival in Bangkok and I was privileged enough to witness the whole thing from backstage. It was a really cool event and to top it off, Nas gave a brilliant performance. I have mad respect for Thaitanium for putting this together. Sucks if you missed it.

What’s Good? Singapore 1st Anniversary (Nov)

What's Good? Singapore 1st Anniversary Party

Time flew by so quickly and before I had even noticed it What’s Good? Singapore’s 1st Anniversary arrived. Ryan and the boys had worked really hard for a whole year and this party was for them. We were graciously given the Fashion Bar space to play with and we had a crazy night with all our friends and family. Another milestone for us.

What’s Good? X Eric Haze Apparel (Nov)

Eric Haze for What's Good?

We launched our first collaborative product with Haze at What’s Good? Singapore’s 1st Anniversary party. To have been able to work together with a living legend such as Haze was incredible and to have been the first people in Southeast Asia to have done so was even cooler.

g Lounge Launch (Nov)

g Lounge Launch Party @ g Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

Marco and I had been planning a lot of events for the g Hotel since we started working together but the first one that we actually had only happened 6 months after. We wanted to wait until we had installed the new sound system I had designed into the ceiling of the lounge, but that took a little longer than expected and was only completed in November. The party was incredible and the g Lounge has turned into a new must-go chillout destination for discerning Penangites.

g Hotel Pool Party (Dec)

g Hotel Pool Party

Hot on the heels of the g Lounge launch was the inaugural Pool Party. I think this event took a lot of people by surprise and the response we received was incredible. The location was beautiful and the g Pool Bar is without a doubt the most innovative new party venue that Penang has seen in YEARS. Marco deserves all the credit for this as he was the one with the vision for this revolutionary event.

Salvation Army Home Visit (Dec)

Salvation Army Christmas Visit

The g Hotel organized a Christmas charity initiative with the Salvation Army Home in Penang and I decided to contribute in whatever manner I could. It was the most meaningful Christmas I ever had and seeing the smiles on those children’s faces is something I won’t forget in a hurry.


So there you have it … a few of the more interesting things that happened to me in 2008.

However, most of the “things” were work related but that’s cool because my work is inextricably entwined with my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And how was your year?



Creative Recreation

Some fresh, fresh kicks just arrived at What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur so for those of you who are looking for something a li’l different from the standard sneaker fare available in Malaysia you definitely want to check out Creative Recreation.

Creative Recreation is one of my favorite new sneaker brands and they have been making dope ass footwear since 2002.

Creative Recreation

Crazy premium leather and slick-as-hell silhouettes make Creative Recreation kicks one of the more sophisticated ones on the market today.

And did I mention that they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn?

More info/pics here.


The pinnacle Mitsubishi¬†vehicle has always been the Lancer Evolution but in my opinion this street-legal¬†pocket rocket¬†has been losing it’s character for the past¬†couple of¬†years.

My favorite Evolution was the V but the design of the VI and later models sort of went downhill from there. The arch-nemesis of the Mitsubishi Lancer¬†has always been the Subaru Impreza and by stark contrast the Impreza’s character has been developing nicely through versions 7, 8 and 9.

My favorite Impreza has always been the Version 8. Some may debate it’s quirky looks but I’ve always loved the muscular exterior that matches its incredible performance perfectly. There’s no mistaking it, the Impreza was always designed as a car that could get from Point A to Point B in the quickest time possible, and every aspect of the car was designed with this in mind.

However, both Mitsubishi and Subaru kinda went cuckoo when they came out with their Version 10s. I hate both of them immensely but probably more so the Impreza Version 10 since it became a fucking hatchback.

Watch this old episode of Top Gear where they compare the Mitsubishi Evolution¬†VIII with the Subaru Impreza Version 8 STi and you will understand why I love the¬†Version 8¬†STi so much …


Evian X Jean Paul Gaultier

These beautiful Evian X Jean Paul Gaultier bottles arrived at the g Hotel last week.

Jean Paul Gaultier is by far my favorite¬†fashion designer in the world and I have been a huge fan of his since I was a teenager. I remember the first time I saw the Junior Gaultier line I was completely mesmerized by his brash and brazen style. He is known as the “l’enfant terrible” (bad boy) of French fashion and I’m amazed at the way he continually pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable to the public¬†and still manages to stay classy.

Evian X Jean Paul Gaultier

I have to admit that I have an unhealthily large Gaultier collection at home and I don’t think I will ever stop buying his stuff (for trainspotters my current glasses are Gaultier)

So you can imagine my glee when I first laid eyes on these beautiful bottles.

The bottles feature a very intricate printing on the exterior that you have to see in the flesh to appreciate.

I think this is one of the most gorgeous limited edition bottles that Evian has ever put out (the one they did with Christian Lacroix was pretty dope too) and everyone should own at least one.

Who would ever have thought that a bottle of water could become art?

Evian X Jean Paul Gaultier

The Evian X Jean Paul Gaultier limited edition bottle is now on sale at the g Lounge.

(And so is the Christian Lacroix one)


Hey hey it's FUKUBUKURO time again!

One of the most popular things we have ever done at¬†What’s Good?¬†is the fukubukuro “lucky bag” concept that we¬†launched last Christmas at What’s Good? Singapore.

Fukubukuros are a Japanese retail tradition where retailers would pack an assortment of goodies and seal them inside bags and sell them for at least 50% off their normal retail value. You don’t know what’s inside the bags but since it’s such a great deal a lot of customers don’t mind and in Japan queues for fukubukuros outside department stores normally stretch around the block.

Ryan originally came up with our fukubukuro concept and it went down really well with customers as they got a lot of good shit at ridiculously cheap prices.

In fact, our fukubukuro launch¬†went down so well that¬†almost overnight other shops started offering the same “lucky bag” concept so I’m glad we started something cool in Southeast Asia¬†(yet again)

This Christmas we’re bringing the fukubukuro concept to Malaysia and starting from tomorrow (22nd December) we’ll have 30 fukubukuro bags up for grabs at What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur.

If you cop a bag and the Ts don’t fit give¬†it to one of¬†your friends for Christmas la – tis the season for sharing ma. I’ve made sure that there’s a lot of good stuff in the bags, there are even some of our latest What’s Good? X Eric Haze Ts in there as well as our What’s Good? X Know1edge monogramme joints.

There are vouchers inside 13 of the bags that will let you buy one of our super hot trucker caps for¬†50% off¬†retail price so don’t say I’m not taking care of you.

And the best news?

Each fukubukuro is only RM100.00.


Good luck!

For more details about this promotion, click here.