Tapa & friends @ the G Spot

The very first “Tapa & friends” jazz event last Friday was one of the best nights the G Spot has ever seen and definitely lived up to all the hype surrounding the event.

Being the first “jazz night” that I’ve ever put on, I was a little worried at first since I wasn’t too sure if our usual crowd/supporters would be down for some good old fashioned jazz & blues.

But by 9.30pm on the night all my worries had evaporated as the best seats in the house were quickly filled up by people who wanted to see/hear what all the fuss was about. We had a great crowd that evening … young and old all crammed into the G Spot wanting to experience REAL jazz music and I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

First up on stage were Tapa’s special guests for the evening – Gruvavenue. To be honest, I had never heard of Gruvavenue prior to Tapa telling me about them, but by their second song I was already a fan.

Led by bassist Vincent Ong, Gruavenue are a quartet of young and extremely talented performers who already have 2 albums under their belt (one of which was recorded at their live concert at the Actor’s Studio Bangsar last year)

Gruvavenue represents a new generation of Malaysian jazz musicians who are injecting fresh themes and ideas into the jazz genre and I’m sure that if you ever hear them play live you will fall in love with them too.

Not to be outshined, Tapa and his band took to the stage after Gruvavenue and promptly blew everyone away with their amazing repetoire of jazz classics. I was expecting some really good jazz, but not THAT good. Much credit must go to Tapa’s vocalist – Ray, who captivated the crowd with his unbridled energy and vocal prowess. Even the G Spot’s current resident vocalist Caru Lins couldn’t resist the vibe and joined Tapa’s band on stage for a few numbers.

I can’t tell you which band was better because both were equally amazing but in different ways. All I can say is I’m glad I got a chance to hear beautiful old jazz + new jazz in one night from 2 bands who put lesser musicians to shame. 

Tapa & friends is the night where you will hear the BEST jazz music in town and is brought to you once a month by Funkshoppe Records exclusively at the award-winning G Spot jazz bar at the g Hotel.

Enjoy the photos!

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Loungelicious @ the g Lounge - Sat. 31 Jan 2009

The first 2 parties we had at the g Lounge last year were awesome and due to popular request we’ve decided to make the party a regular event at the g Hotel, hence the birth of – Loungelicious!

The g Lounge is a truly gorgeous bar/lounge and I’m pretty sure there’s no other venue like this in the whole country so get ready for a night of beautiful music with beautiful surroundings.

See you on Saturday!



SPLASH!#1 @ g Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

The first SPLASH! party we did at the g Hotel on the 17th of January was incredible. I’d like to thank everyone for coming to support (again)

Technically it was our 2nd pool party at the hotel, but who really cares about the details – all that matters is everyone who came had a fucking good time!

I had mates come all the way from Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong for the event which made it even cooler and the vibe was super good. I think a lot of people are glad that we decided to turn our pool party into a monthly event – I know I am. The g Pool Bar is an amazing venue and I can’t get over how beautiful it is no matter how many times I look at it.

There’s really no party like this in the whole of Malaysia and I’m proud that amongst the over-saturated and over-hyped events in the country we have managed to create one that is completely unique and without equal. It’s hard to comprehend if you haven’t been to one of our events but if you do come, then you will understand.

P.S. You might notice a different watermark adorning the corner of the photographs – The Pixel Pimps is a new photography studio that I have just started with my buddy Edwin Tan so if you want “the pimps” to come and shoot your event, just holla.

Enjoy the photos!


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This 1000-horsepower Nissan Patrol was built by HKS for some super rich dude in Dubai.

I guess when all your neighbours are driving Lamborghinis, Benteleys, Ferraris and Aston Martins you need something a li’l different to stand out from the crowd.



Tapa & friends

Most of you who visit my blog regularly have heard of my good friend Tapa, who happens to be one of the world’s most talented jazz percussionists.

This Friday (23rd Jan) is the launch of Tapa’s new monthly jazz night at the G SpotPenang’s premier jazz bar.

Tapa & friends” is a special evening that I created to bring the best jazz and blues music to jazz lovers in Penang. The night revolves around Tapa and his band, but will occasionally feature guest musicians from around the country.

For the first installment of Tapa & friends, Tapa has invited Gruvavenue, an immensely talented jazz quartet from Kuala Lumpur as his special guests so I’m looking forward to hearing what they’re going to bring to the party.

I can personally guarantee that you won’t hear better jazz anywhere else on Penang island.

Tapa & friends starts @ 9pm so don’t be late!