Brawn GP

From not knowing their future at the end of last year to winning the F1 season opener at Albert Park yesterday Brawn GP have done what most people would consider to be impossible.

I have always had mad respect for Ross Brawn:

Brawn GP


Air Jordan 6 Rings

Air Jordan 6 Rings

Air Jordan 6 Rings

Air Jordan 6 Rings

Air Jordan 6 Rings

I got these as birthday gift last year … but totally forgot to post them up and saw them when I was loading some new pics into the camera … my memory is not what it used to be … hehehe


Skate 2 by EA Sports

Skate by EA Sports revolutionized skateboarding on gaming consoles and took up an insane amount of my time after it came out.

I literally played that game every night before I went to sleep religiously and I never got tired of it.

Well, Skate 2 just came out and it is even crazier.

Skate 2 by EA Sports

The main difference this time is that you can step off your board, and reach spots you couldn’t get to before, which allows for even more freedom in creating lines and spots to skate.

Skate 2 by EA Sports

You can also physically move some stuff around anyway you want, like ramps and benches – which gives you limitless freedom in creating your own spots.  

Skate 2 by EA Sports

Just like the first Skate, there are tons of appearances by pro skaters like Rob Dyrdek (above) and Mark Gonzales (below) … the resemblances are uncanny and the movements of all the people in the game are so realistic its not funny.

Skate 2 by EA Sports

To be honest, these screenshots don’t do the game justice at all. If you saw it on full 1080p HD, it would freak you out! I’m still blown away every time I play the game and I wish I was at home more instead of constantly living out of a suitcase.

If you love skateboarding, you HAVE to get this game!


Loungelicious @ the g Lounge!

Oh shit … been so busy I nearly forgot:

We’re back at the g Lounge tomorrow night for another night of good tunes and good booze.

Tomorrow will be Roberto Mirto’s last gig at one of our events before he goes back to Europe so don’t miss this chance to hear one of Italy’s finest playing you the craziest selection of electronica!


I first heard about Charmaine Fong from my boys 24Herbs, when they collaborated together on a re-rub of one of Roman Tam’s classics a while back.

But before that song, I had never heard of her since Hong Kong launches a million budding singers/starlets every year and I can’t keep up with every one.

However, in this case I was interested as it was something related to 24Herbs, so I did a li’l digging and found these 3 songs of hers.

She has a REALLY beautiful voice – like a li’l bit haunting but mesmerizing at the same time and it’s sexy as hell.

Hong Kong’s music industry is full of “singers” but how many of them can actually sing?

This girl can!

And her song with 24Herbs is exactly what a collaboration should be – 2 different entities working together to expose their respective fans to the others’ work.

I’m a fan!

Check out Charmaine’s blog on AliveNotDead.


Drugs Are Bad!

Clubs, parties and music have always had an uneasy association with drugs and it has sometime even overshadowed the music. Far too often, clubs and parties make the news due to some drug bust, raid or overdosed clubber and I think this has given clubbing a bad name amongst the general public.

I’ve always had a very strong stance against drugs and the consumption of illegal substances as I don’t think you need chemicals in your body to have a good time. I’ve worked very hard to cultivate an image of “clean clubbing” with all the events that I’ve ever done and it’s something I’ll always do.

People take drugs because it gets them high. But that high lasts for a very short period of time. What drugs also do is damage to various parts of your body. Ecstasy for example – kills brain cells at a ridiculous rate (i.e. pop too much E, you get stupid)

Cocaine is fast turning into a recreational drug in certain parts of the world and the effect it has on some people is really fucked up. Did you know that in Spain, 90% of the banknotes have traces of cocaine on them? Hmm …

I’ve watched perfectly good individuals turn into fucking idiots because they formed a cocaine habit. I’ve seen immensely talented DJs turn into morons who couldn’t mix because their hands were shaking coz they didn’t get their scheduled fix.

There was a DJ who I really respected years ago who developed a pretty serious cocaine habit. This guy was mad talented (then) and I considered him to be a good friend of mine (then) … However, as his habit grew, the number of gigs he got booked for diminished. Why? Because he always missed flights (since he was high) … and when he actually did turn up to gigs he wasn’t even in a lucid state and couldn’t DJ properly. Slowly but surely, clubs in the city where he lived refused to book him to play. Sometimes people would call me and ask if I knew where the fuck he was – and I’m living in a totally different country. Things got go serious he had to move to a different city, where noone knew about his “reputation” … But the same thing happened all over again and in the end, gigs in this city dried up too.

I don’t know where he is now as we have not kept in touch and I don’t really want to know either.

All I do know is that prolonged substance abuse has adverse effects on your body and will ruin your life. It will fuck up your professional relationships, it will fuck up your personal relationships, it will fuck up everything!

So kids, stay off drugs – whatever high they give you right now, it’s SO not worth it later.