What's Good? Kuala Lumpur 1st Anniversary + Dope Distribution 3rd Anniversary Commemorative T

Here it is … the What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur 1st Anniversary & Dope Distribution 3rd Anniversary Commemorative T-shirt … available from 30 April 2009 onwards ONLY at What’s Good? KL

The BIGGEST fear I always have about printing large graphics on t-shirts is that after a few washes the ink will start to crack, so this time, in order to make a crack-free garment we used an incredibly expensive and difficult printing process to print the massive “1” and “3” onto the t-shirts.

I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say that I think the result was worth it and I’m sure anyone who sees the real thing will agree with me. Not only will the graphics not crack or fade but you can probably iron on them without much fear of damaging the artwork.

What's Good? Kuala Lumpur 1st Anniversary + Dope Distribution 3rd Anniversary Commemorative T

I designed the S size specifically for girls to wear and we specially made a smaller screen for those so that the “1” and “3” are proportionate to the size of the garment. I wanted to make sure that girls who bought the T would get exactly the same “looking” garment as any guys who bought the T.

I really hate it when the same size screen is used for both guys sizes and girls sizes. I think the disparity in dimensions between an S for girls and and XL for guys is far too great to be using the same screen. I remember a few years ago a very well known girls label had a shit hot design that had even guys fiending for it and when they finally released a guys version I was so disappointed because they used the original sized artwork to print the new Ts. It was completely ridiculous because on the original T the design took up the whole body but when it got to the guys T the design only covered the bottom half of the T. I vowed then that I would never make the same mistake if I ever made clothing of the same design for both guys and girls.

This is just a small detail that not many people will notice (unless you’re holding an S and XL side by side) but I’m sharing this information here with you so you can know a bit more about our production process.

For more information about the What’s Good? Kuala Lumpur 1st Anniversary & Dope Distribution 3rd Anniversary Commemorative T-shirt click here!


Uniq Bundle - Kulim

My buddy Carlos just opened Uniq Bundle in Kulim last Saturday, so me and the boys went to show some support.

Kulim is a small town that is about 10 minutes away from Butterworth on the mainland of Penang.

Even though it’s not really far away physically, it seems like it’s lightyears away from Penang. For those who think life in Penang is pretty laidback, Kulim is even more relaxed.

Uniq Bundle - Kulim

For those who don’t know, bundle shops in Malaysia sell 2nd-hand/vintage clothing that are bought in “bundles” from dealers – usually in Japan. Carlos has loads of Japanese edition Levi’s for ridiculously cheap prices which I’m sure a lot of people will be fighting over when they see them. I saw a dope pair of Engineered Jeans that I really liked but unfortunately it wasn’t in my size. 🙁

The cool thing about bundle shops is that you can occasionally find things like this in them:

Uniq Bundle - Kulim

For this sort of price:

Uniq Bundle - Kulim

While we were all standing outside the shop shooting the shit, a car pulled up outside the shop and an old man got out and walked towards us. I was facing the outside and Carlos was facing me so the old man talked to me. The following is the conversation we had:

Old Man: (pointing to the shop) “Eh, what is this?”
Me: “It’s a shop.”
Old Man: “Of course I know it’s a shop!”
Me: “If you knew it was a shop then why did you ask me what it was?”
Old Man: (ignoring my remark) “It is an outlet or …? What do you sell?”
Me: “The shop sells clothes.”
Old Man: “Hmmph.” (and gets back into the car and leaves)


Some strange motherfuckers in Kulim man!

Uniq Bundle - Kulim

Even though Kulim may seem like a slow-paced backward-ass country town, there are some places there that sound really interesting:

Uniq Bundle - Kulim

I might just have to move to “Ho Town” … hahaha

Carlos: All the best to you in your new business venture, buddy!


iPods Rule The World!

This is an excerpt from an article by Gavin Clarke that was published on the online tech newsite The Register – it wasn’t written by me:

Not a single teen plans to buy a Zune, Microsoft’s ill-conceived challenger to Apple’s iPod.

And that’s probably just as well, given it looks like Microsoft is sending its player heavenward following what’s looking like the Zune’s final physical manifestation.

In a result that has more in common with North Korean election, a survey of teenagers has found 100 percent will buy one of Apple’s music players in the next year.

Piper Jaffray’s biannual report even suggests these could be the new owners’ second iPods. While 92 percent already owned an MP3 player, 86 per cent already had an iPod.

Just four per cent owned a Zune, meaning Microsoft beat Sony and Sandisk for second place but that it also tied with the “other” category.

Read the full article here: Teens Reject Microsoft’s Zune


Simon Visits Penang

My good buddy Simon Pellaux, owner of Thai skate institution Preduce, was in town with Estonian supermodel Mia in tow so I had to take them out for some OG Penang food.

Mia was in the mood for curry so I took them to the most old school curry joint on the island – Hameedeeyah.

Simon Visits Penang

For those who don’t know, Hameedeeyah is an Indian restaurant on Campbell Street that has been open since 1907.

Damn they’ve been making curry for more than 100 years so you can’t fuck with that shit!

The restaurant still has that super old school flavour, with mosaic tiles on the walls and grease on the floors.

Simon Visits Penang

They have what seems like a million different varieties of curry as well as the best Tandoori chicken on the island.

If you love curry, you can’t go wrong with Hameedeeyah.

Simon Visits Penang

After dinner, we went for drinks and somehow the conversation drifted to how my real job was being a professional gamer (haha) … they were super curious about my “job” so I took Simon and Mia to the video game arcade at Gurney Plaza where I found out that the two of them have really poor hand/eye co-ordination.

Simon Visits Penang

They lasted for about a minute on the new Rambo shooter and really sucked at Puzzle Bobble too.

Simon should definitely stick to skating and Mia modelling.

Simon Visits Penang

I of course was hitting the BRAND NEW Initial D Version 5 … I actually quit playing this time/money-sucking game already but Version 5 is sooOoo good I might be coming out of retirement … hmm …