Today is World No Tobacco Day … so I hope everyone who smokes takes a minute to think about what it actually is you are putting into your body every time you puff on a cancer stick.

Just in case you didn’t know, or you do know but pretend you don’t – every cigarette contains more than 4,300 chemicals in them, including a few nice ones such as:

  1. Tar (like you find on roads)
  2. Nicotine (a super addictive substance)
  3. Carbon Monoxide (as in car exhaust fumes)
  4. Ammonia (floor cleaner)
  5. Arsenic (rat poison)
  6. Formaldehyde (stuff used to preserve dead bodies and animals)
  7. Butane (stuff you find in gas lighters)

Remember – that’s only 7 of the more than 4,300 found in every cigarette …

Happy World No Tobacco Day!


Quad cam ...

If you watched Ron Howard’s sequel to The Da Vinci Code Angels & Demons or love Roman Catholic history/folklore/mythology then you will definitely know what this word means … I’ve had this T for more than 3 years … hmm … so am I a member of this cult?



Snap Club X Loungelicious

This Saturday … the inaugural Snap Club event … coinciding with Loungelicious at the g Lounge

(If you don’t know what Snap Club is, read THIS)

To make things a little more interesting for photographers who are coming to the event, we’re having a little competition to see who can snap the best photograph of the night.

Entries will NOT be judged on technical expertise or how many megapixels the image is – we’re looking for the picture that can best capture the mood/vibe of the party!

The winner will receive:

1 night’s stay at the g Hotel inclusive of dinner and breakfast for 2.

You have 7 days to submit your entries after the event.

Entries will be judged by Mr. Marco Battistotti, General Manager of the g Hotel and yours truly.

The winner will be announced and the prize presented at the next Snap Club event.

RULES & REGULATIONS (subject to change at any time)

  1. Photographers may only commence snapping photographs from 10.30pm onwards at request from the management.
  2. The g Hotel reserves the right to publish any of the submitted shots in promotional/marketing material for the g Hotel. Full credit for any photographs used will be given to the photographers in question.
  3. The Pixel Pimps reserve the right to publish any of the submitted shots in promotional/marketing material for The Pixel Pimps/Snap Club. Full credit for any photographs used will be given to the photographers in question.
  4. Each contestant is allowed to submit 1 (one) photograph (unwatermarked) in 2 different resolutions – a) 1024 pixels maximum (be it width or height) and b) 440 pixels maximum (be it width or height)
  5. Photographers are only allowed to take photographs in the g Lounge and the lobby concourse.
  6. Photographers are allowed to bring their own models at their own expense.
  7. Use of flash/strobe lighting is permitted.
  8. If you wish to take any close-ups or portraits of patrons at the event, you must obtain verbal permission from them first.
  9. EXIF information is not required when submitting your photographs.
  10. Photographers have 7 (seven) days in which to submit their entries for the contest. Late entries will not be entertained.
  11. The winner will be announced at the next Snap Club event and the prize will be presented then.
  12. The judges decisions are final.

I think that’s about it … I’m really looking forward to the party this Saturday because it’s something new and interesting that hasn’t been done before and I’m curious to see how it’s gonna turn out!

I would like to offer my utmost thanks to Marco and the g Hotel for continually supporting my endeavors in creating new and interesting entertainment experiences.


The above video shows the build process for Ken Block’s brand new Crawford-prepped gymkhana car, which was used in the filming of the upcoming Gymkhana Two video. The only thing similar about his car and mine is probably the Motec M800 ECU. Hahaha

Ken Block’s Gymkhana One was viewed more than 20 million times on Youtube, which is just madness and everyone who’s seen it has been totally blown away by Ken Block’s insanely well-choreographed, well-directed, well-edited and of course well-driven video.

Since the video was so well received, Ken Block decided to make PART TWO – to be released world-wide on June 1st, 2009.

Filming for Part Two was just completed at the Port of Los Angeles and editing on the clip has already begun.

Gymkhana Two is actually the platform by which DC Shoes is launching Ken Block’s brand new “Teamworks Collection” which is a selection of apparel and footwear which was created to honor Block’s achievements in the world of motor racing.

I’ve seen the collection and it is fucking dope.

June 1st, baby … June 1st!

And just – just in case you were an idiot and didn’t watch Gymkhana One:


Snap Club!

Snap Club is a photography lifestyle event I created for people (like me) who are passionate about photography and want to meet like-minded individuals.

Snap Club aims to create environments/situations where photographers can gather together to party, socialize and most importantly – snap pictures.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer or just someone who is interested in photography, just come along and party!

Snap Club is NOT about who has the biggest or best camera but about bringing together people who are interested in capturing specific moments in time for posterity.

The first Snap Club event takes place next Saturday 30 May, 2009 during Loungelicious @ the g Lounge.

I hope to see everyone there!

Join the Snap Club Facebook Group for updates (and where the next event is)


Quadruple vision ...

I just got this really dope photography App for my iPhone … it’s called Quad Camera and was written by Takayuki Fukatsu.

Quadruple vision ...

Quad Camera basically takes multiple shots and compiles them into 1 photo. You can choose the time interval between shots and you can also choose the layout/orientation of the composited photo.

Quadruple vision ...

Coolest though is probably the Lomo-esque effect that the photos have.

Fun fun fun!


A revolutionary new product ... coming soon!

I have been on the grind non-stop for the past few weeks … I was commissioned to develop the branding/packaging for an amazing product that will be launched soon.

It’s nothing to do with streetwear, urban culture, music or anything I’m normally associated with but it’s a really cool thing and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Hang tight for a bit, we’re down the home stretch now.