iPhone - the best gaming platform for developers?

Slowly but surely, the iPhone has become so much more than just a “smartphone” – it is now a bona-fide gaming platform.

I know this because I use my iPhone for playing games almost every day. I spend a lot more time playing games on it than I actually do talking or other stuff.

Most of the iPhone’s transformation from trick-looking phone to genuine Nintendo DS/Sony PSP competitor can be attributed to the incredible success of Apple’s AppStore.

The sheer number of applications available in the AppStore almost guarantee the iPhone’s success and the fact that a lot of traditional console game developers (Electronic Arts, Konami, Namco, Tecmo and Sega to name a few) are developing iPhone-specific games just adds to the equation.

Crunch these numbers if you will:

  1. Since June 2007, Apple has sold MORE than 21 million iPhones and 16 million iPod Touches.
  2. To date there are more than 15,000 active publishers/developers listed in Apple’s AppStore.
  3. To date there are more than 13,000 gaming application available in the AppStore.
  4. 25-50 games are added to the AppStore every day.
  5. Digital Chocolate, an iPhone developer founded by Trip Hawkins (who was also the founder of Electronic Arts), has had more than 20 million downloads of its games from the AppStore.

The iPhone’s graphics-capabilities are far superior to those of the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP doesn’t have a touch screen. With the introduction of the new iPhone 3GS, I think Apple really is gunning for a big chunk of the portable gaming pie and I think they’re going to get it!

I love my iPhone.



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I’ve been sitting on this picture for more than 2 months and some fucking asshole has been bugging me to show him the shoe forever … and since Mark has talked about it in interviews already, here it is – the upcoming DC Shoes X SBTG sneaker.

Coming to a DC retailer near you in … Spring 2010.

Remember, you saw it here first!



The Beastie Boys are one of my all-time favorite bands (I bought Licensed To Ill on cassette tape when it first came out and play it until it snapped) so it saddens me immensely that Adam Yauch aka MCA has been diagnosed with a rare type of salivary gland cancer …

I hope your operation goes smoothly and you get well soon!


De Most Retarded Name Ever

One of the most annoying things I have encountered (and continue to encounter) whilst living in Malaysia is the way people like to put “De” or “D Apostrophe” in front of a company/shop/restaurant/bar/etc name.

I don’t know why they do it but in every instance that I have seen it done, it looks stupid and ridiculous.

Maybe they think it makes their otherwise plain company name seem vaguely exotic or – oh la la – European!

Whatever the reason is, it is a fucking eyesore to have to look at and I haven’t seen this in any other countries that I have been to. Is this a Malaysia-only travesty?

I bet all the perpetrators of this linguistic crime don’t even know what “De” means.

And it is NOT text-slang for “the” !!!