What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

Followers of all things Dope/What’s Good? will no doubt know that we are releasing our first “collection” of clothing really soon.

I recently conducted the photoshoot for the collection at Exposure Hair Studio in Penang.

What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

Jamen is a good mate of mine and one of the owners of Exposure, who was kind enough to offer his place to us for the shoot as well as take care of all the hair styling on the night.

What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

My models for this shoot were my buddy Jun and the absolutely gorgeous Shandy, a brand new face who was introduced to me by Jamen (being one of Penang’s top hair stylists means that he knows ALL the most beautiful women in Penang)

What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

This was probably one of the quickest shoots I have ever done as both models were complete naturals and sometimes one shot was all it took for me to get exactly  what I wanted.

I was really happy with the results and hope you guys will like the shots too!

What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

Here’s one of my favorite Ts from the collection, inspired by my love of comics, and is a throwback to the old pulp comics from the 60s and 70s … and of course the situation described here is something every sneakerhead can relate to.

What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

Mako-chan, one of Jun’s friends, was visiting from Japan so she got to see first hand how we do shit in Penang.

What's Good? Spring/Summer 2009 Photoshoot

And do you know what is the most important thing that I must have on hand at all my shoots to make them go smoothly and get my creative juices flowing?


Vodka vodka vodka … a drink or 2 or 3 is all it takes to get everyone in the mood … 🙂

Thanks to Jamen and Exposure Hair Studio for donating their time/space/talent to our shoot.

Super thanks to Jun and Shandy for being such wonderful models.


DC Shoes X SE Racing Limited Edition Fixed Gear Bike

Here it is, boys and girls – my very own DC X SE Racing Limited Edition Fixed Gear Bike.

It’s been sitting in my office for a couple of weeks, but Ed and I finally managed to find some time to shoot some proper photos of it.

DC Shoes X SE Racing Limited Edition Fixed Gear Bike

The craftsmanship on the bike is second to none and even the welds look beautiful.

DC Shoes X SE Racing Limited Edition Fixed Gear Bike

DC & SE Racing have used only the best components on the bike, e.g. cranks from Sugino, rims from Velocity so bike enthusiasts can take one look at this PK Ripper and know it’s the business.

There were only 1250 of these bikes made and currently this is the only one in Malaysia (however, if anyone wants one, holla and I’ll try to make it happen)

Many, many thanks to my homies at DC ShoesJeremy & Cherice for sending me another beautiful bike!

You can see more photos of my DC X SE Racing Limited Edition Fixed Gear Bike here.


Snap Club X Loungelicious

Ah yes it’s that time of the month again … hahaha … Snap Club X Loungelicious is back for Round 5 on Saturday, 26 September 2009 at the g Lounge at the g Hotel so get ready to snap!

There is a fashion show going on before our party so get there early and remember – winners of the contest get 1 night’s stay at the g Hotel + dinner buffet for 2 (courtesy of the g Hotel)

I hope to see you all there!


Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

There was a package from DC waiting for me upon my return from Hanoi and when I opened it I found a whole bunch of goodies inside.

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

Yep, this is the pair of kicks from Ken Block’s Teamworks Collection.

This is currently the only pair in Malaysia so I’m pretty psyched about that.

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

I also received this awesome hoodie.

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

Yes, all of Ken’s sponsors are here. When I put this hoodie on I feel like I am part of the Subaru Rally Team USA. Hehehe

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

I love the details on the hoodie, especially the all-over graffiti print, which is the same one that is emblazoned all over Mr. Block’s Gymkhana Two car.

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

These Ts are from DC’s Gymkhana Collection, and the car pictured here is the now infamous star of Ken Block’s first gymkhana video which garnered more than 20 million views on Youtube.

The T underneath is an aerial photo of El Toro Airfield, where the video was shot.

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

Details details details …

Ken Block X DC Shoes Teamworks Collection

I got these funky foam hands too so maybe you’ll see me waving them out of the window when I’m driving sometimes.


I’m really feeling the Teamworks Collection and once again DC is stepping up their game and making some amazing product that you cannot help but love once you get your hands on it!

Thank you to my family @ DCJeremy and Cherice!


Air Asia is a crock of shit

When Ed and I were buying our plane tickets for our Vietnam trip, the sales person asked us if we wanted to book specific seats for both the to and return flight and I thought this would be a good idea.

It turned out that we had to pay extra for this: RM5 for a normal seat and RM25 for a “Hot Seat

Hot Seat is in the first 5 rows of the plane, hence the more expensive price tag.

I asked for a seat for a seat in the 6th row then, but apparently they were all taken up and the furthest forward I could get was the 7th row, which was still acceptable to me.

So we were reserved the seats and paid the extra money to the sales guy and left.

When we turned up at the check-in counter at LCCT in Kuala Lumpur to fly to Hanoi, we were given some random seats by the check-in staff. When I told her that we had already booked our seats when we bought the ticket she said that it wasn’t in the system. When I showed her the extra charges on the print out that I received from the sales guy she said that it didn’t specifically refer to reserved seats and she had no way of knowing what those extra charges were for.

Needless to say, I wasn’t very pleased about being ripped off by Air Asia before our trip had even started.

When we turned up at the check-in counter at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, we were given seats in row 21. When I told the lady that we had actually booked seats in row 7 she said that I hadn’t and I had booked seats in row 21. Now why the fuck would I book a seat in the middle of the plane if I could have booked them at the front? Anyway, she insisted that her system showed her seats in row 21 and she wouldn’t budge so we had to sit in row fucking 21.

Once again, I got conned by fucking Air Asia.

When I got back, the first thing I did was check my email for the confirmation slip I received from Air Asia before the trip:

Air Asia is a crock of shit

The reason I didn’t print this out and take it with me at the time was to save paper/trees.

I don’t print stuff nowadays unless I absolutely need to and everyone’s trying to go paperless anyway. Air Asia’s check-in procedure only requires you to bring some form of identification but apparently that is not enough.

So for anyone travelling on Air Asia, make sure you have proof of every extra thing you pay for (like seats and check-in baggage) because if you don’t they will try their VERY best to screw you.