DC Shoes X Hotel on Rivington

You know, some jobs come with really good perks, and those perks make you wish you were part of that company, organization or corporation.

Well, upon receiving these photos, I really wish I worked at the award-winning Hotel on Rivington in New York.

DC has teamed up with the luxury boutique hotel to produce a pair of kicks exclusively for the hotel’s staff.

The words “HOTEL ON RIVINGTON” are laser-etched on the sole and the striking red ankle-strap reflects one of the key colors of the Hotel On Rivington.

The kicks perfectly match the staff’s uniforms which were designed by Ted Baker of London.

Now don’t you wish you worked there too?

DC Shoes X Hotel on Rivington


Steve & Tracy's Wedding Soundtrack

This weekend one of my best friends, Steve, is getting married to the girl of his dreams – Tracy.

Steve has always liked things that are unique and one-of-a-kind (i.e. his GTR had to be like no other GTR, Tracy’s Yaris had to be like no other Yaris, etc etc) so I was asked to design a one-of-a-kind soundtrack for the evening and I have been spending the last few days raiding my digital crates to come up with an eclectic but accessible playlist for the event.

Steve & Tracy's Wedding Soundtrack

I think I’ve managed to do that, but lets see what the guests think on Saturday night!

P.S. After the wedding dinner we’re all adjourning to The Loft KL for my Attack of the Killer DJ party so come and join us!



Snap Club X Loungelicious

Snap Club X Loungelicious #6 on Saturday, 31 October 2009 at the beautiful g Lounge in the g Hotel so get ready to snap!

Remember – winners of the contest get 1 night’s stay at the g Hotel & we accept photos from ANYONE, not just professional photographers la!

I’m gonna be in KL so Ed is gonna handle all the snap snapping and be the main man for the evening so make sure you come and support him!


I Love DC Shoes

I’m super happy and proud to announce that Dope Distribution is now the exclusive distributor of DC’s Life Collection in Malaysia.

You should have seen this coming a mile away, I mean the writing literally was on the wall (the long running DC banner on the side —>)

Plus you have no doubt been noticing all the shit I have been posting about DC (in fact, I have been asked about this non-stop by the more kaypo readers of this blog)

There is seriously no other footwear company in the world I would rather work with. If you have followed the way DC has developed as a company since it’s inception in 1993 then you will no doubt know that they are the undisputed industry leaders in many categories (don’t forget they were the FIRST shoe company to do collabs with Shepard Fairey, Kaws, Eric So and so many other awe-inspiring artists)

I Love DC Shoes

Jeremy Hale from DC first contacted me about a year ago about the possibility of us working together and I told him that it would be a dream come true for me to be able to work with one of my favorite footwear companies. I was so stoked that DC had even heard of us. From that day onwards Jeremy (with the help of Cherice Fredricks and many other members of the DC team) have worked tirelessly to make this dream become a reality for me.

During the past year, key members of the DC team have visited Malaysia at different intervals to meet with me (secretly) and also to gain a better understanding of the Malaysian market.

I took them to all the major shopping malls and showed them that the DC brand was alive and well in Malaysia – but in the form of bootleg sneakers. The abundance of bootleg product on the market made all of us double our efforts to bring legit DC product to Malaysia.

I Love DC Shoes

So now the time has come to officially introduce the DC brand to Malaysian consumers.

Starting from November 1st, 2009, DC’s Life Collection will be available at What’s Good?

The Life Collection is the creme de la creme of DC’s product line and only features the freshest/sickest/dopest kicks from the company. Only the best materials are used and only the illest designs are included in the collection, not to mention some of the most awesome collaborations in the world.

I really can’t convey in words how fucking psyched I am about this. When I started Dope Distribution three years ago the aim was to stir things up in the boring/conservative/complacent Malaysian urban fashion industry. I wanted to bring more interesting choices to Malaysian consumers and show people that you didn’t only have to sell over-hyped brands to make a buck and that Malaysian consumers were a lot smarter than most retailers gave them credit for.

Today I can proudly say that with DC by our side, we are once again taking things to another level. We will be working closely together to bring the most innovative footwear products in the world to Malaysia and show you that there is indeed more to life than just swooshes or stripes.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Jeremy Hale, Cherice Fredricks, Gary Parsons at DC Shoes and Scott Williams.

More information HERE.


Defi Link Controller + Turbo Timer

This is just a random shot of 2 of the gadgets in my car that I thought I’d share with you .. everyone who sits in my car always asks what they are/do.

The one on top is my Defi Link-Controller, which is the control unit for all the gauges/meters in my car, like the Oil Temperature meter, Exhaust Temperature meter, Boost meter, etc. It’s a really handy thing, which can also record all the data of the meters/gauges and play it back for you later so you can know exactly how your car performs on the track etc.

The one on the bottom is a little device that is supposed to help extend the life of my car’s turbo. It’s  called a turbo timer, and what it basically does is let your turbo cool down for a bit after you switch off the ignition to prevent premature wear and tear.

Simple but essential parts!

I love gadgets.