Happy New Year!

Just a quick one to wish everyone a very happy new year … it’s the end of an awesome decade and I hope the new one will be even better for you!

See you in ’10.


Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

On Christmas Eve I was invited to dinner at a quiet little Japanese restaurant on Jalan Burma (Burma Road) in Penang called Sushi Kappo Miyasaka so off I went with Ed and Shandy in tow.

Though I drive past here all the time, the restaurant’s non-descript exterior makes it very easy to miss, and it doesn’t help that all the surrounding shops have massive, colorful signboards.

Jun Miyasaka opened Sushi Kappo Miyasaka 4 years ago, after serving as head chef in numerous 5-star Japanese restaurants all over Malaysia like Kampachi at the Equatorial Hotel so I had very high expectations before sitting down.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

The restaurant’s decor and interior is clean, simple and sparse – I think Mr. Miyasaka prefers to let his food do the talking, which is always a good thing.

A restaurant with average decor and great food always wins over a flashy eatery with average cuisine.

I always prefer to eat at Japanese restaurants where the chefs/owners are Japanese because you know the food is going to be more authentic.

Mrs. Miyasaka greeted us inside the restaurant and introduced the menu to us.

The menu is quite extensive and anyone who visits will definitely be spoilt for choice but I left it up to her to recommend our food for the evening.

Ok … onto the food!

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

The first thing that was brought to us was a deceptively simple bowl of salad drizzled with Mr. Miyasaka’s home-made wafu dressing.

Normally wafu dressing is a very sour affair, as one of it’s primary ingredients is vinegar. Wafu dressing is sort of like a Japanese vinaigrette hence the sour punch, but Miyasaka’s wafu has a very unique flavor which is very smooth and not sour at all. I tasted a hint of sesame in there and some other things I couldn’t pinpoint, but I guess that’s why it’s a “secret recipe” right?

All I will say is that it is one of the best wafu dressings I have ever tasted (and believe me I have tasted a lot)

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

Miyasaka’s wafu sauce is so dope that a “customer” ate at the restaurant one time and said they loved the sauce so much and asked if they could buy a bottle home. Next week a cheap-ass Japanese joint was serving a wafu salad that tasted exactly the same as Miyasaka’s.

Leave it to Malaysians to always rip off other people’s shit.


Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

Next up was a massive glass platter of goodies called the Sushi Zen.

Assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, unagi, tempura and a delectable braised beef and tofu pot at the end make up the Sushi Zen.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

The sashimi was insanely fresh and the unagi was grilled to perfection. I am really not a big fan of unagi but I could not resist tucking into Miyasaka’s grilled eel since it looked so appetizing.

And the price for this piece of perfection?

Sushi Zen – RM48.

Go back and look at the photo of the whole platter again then say to yourself – RM48.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

Speaking of unagi, we were also brought a Unagi Seiro Gohan, which was chopped unagi kabayaki laid on a bed of grilled tamago (egg) with rice underneath.

The rice is served in a dim-sum basket, which is a cheeky touch but actually looks perfect.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

There’s not much I can say about this since I already said that Miyasaka’s unagi is grilled to perfection so if you are a unagi lover you don’t want to miss this.

Unagi Seiro Gohan set (served with chawanmushi, miso soup and pickled vegetables) – RM30.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

A special mention must be made about Miyasaka’s chawanmushi (steamed egg)

Miyasaka’s chawanmushi is one of the best examples of this staple Japanese side dish I have tasted in Malaysia. Deceptively simple to cook but incredibly difficult to get right, I think Mr. Miyasaka has his chawanmushi on lock.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

Yuki was eating with us aswell, and he ordered his favorite Salmon Yukke Don. Minced cooked salmon, chopped raw salmon and an extra few slices of salmon sashimi thrown in for good measure – this is a donburi that will give you a salmon overdose for sure.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

The success of a sashimi donburi really depends on the freshness of the fish being used and at Miyasaka, you know that will never be a problem. Just look at the color/texture of that fish!

Salmon Yukke DonRM38.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

And now for the pièce-de-résistance … Hamaguri w/ White Sauce.

The name is deceptively simple for something that will blow you away.

It should be called “Fucking Amazing Hamaguri That Will Fuck You Up And Leave You Addicted For Life Because Of Our Secret White Sauce HaHaHa” or something.

Hamaguri or asari in some sort of sauce (butter, miso, etc) are popular menu items in Japanese restaurants and since I like clams, I usually order a bowl when they are available.

If there’s one thing you MUST eat if you go to Sushi Kappo Miyasaka, it is their Hamaguri w/ White Sauce.

I don’t know what’s in the sauce but I’m pretty sure there is cocaine in there somewhere since we all got so high eating the clams and we are all definitely addicted to them now – hahaha.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

See? There isn’t even any sauce left in the bowl, Ed & I cleaned it out totally.

Next time I’ll just order the sauce and ask them to give me a straw.

Hamaguri w/ White SauceRM15.

RM15 for a bowl of heaven! Give me 10 right now!

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

Japanese restaurants have really proliferated in Malaysia over the past couple of years and most establishments serve a watered-down version or as I say “commercialized” version of Japanese food. There are very few eateries that will serve you the real deal but Sushi Kappo Miyasaka is definitely one of them – authentic Japanese cuisine in a homely restaurant that won’t put a massive hole in your wallet.

However, I should mention that I’m not the only one who knows a good thing – Sushi Kappo Miyasaka is always packed with regulars (Japanese people/savvy locals) and on the several occasions I have eaten there I’ve always seen people turned away so get there early or make a reservation.

And don’t forget to say I sent you!

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka
397 Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-2266251

Opening Hours: 11:00am-2.30pm (lunch) 6pm-11pm (dinner)
Closed on Sundays

31st December – Open for lunch
1st January – Open for dinner
2nd &3rd January –

Photography: The Pixel Pimps


What's Good? + Pixel Pimps Friends & Family Year-End Kart Day 2009

This Sunday, 27th December 2009, we’re making a trip to the go-kart track at the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah for a kart day.

We’ll be heading there in the afternoon, do a bit of karting then adjourn to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner so for anyone who’s interested in joining us – let me know.

The kart track at UUM is of an international standard and many karting races have been held there. It’s my first visit to the track though I’ve heard many good things about it.

Kart rental is RM35 for 15 minutes.

Dinner is dutch.

I recommend that you bring your own helmet.

Rendevous is at the drive-thru McDonald’s @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya at 2PM sharp.

To confirm your attendance, please msg me in Facebook or call Ed (012-4289879)

It should be fun!

What's Good? + Pixel Pimps Friends & Family Year-End Kart Day 2009


Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

It was a blistering hot day on the day of the GRA All Star Gymkhana 2009 – the sun was really intent on roasting everything in sight and it was hard not to believe in global warming while I was standing in the  blocked off outdoor carpark at Sunway Carnival in Seberang Jaya.

However, I was not the only one being cooked alive as everyone else who turned up for the event was sweating just as much (if not more) than I was. The funny thing is, I don’t think any of us cared about the heat as we were too caught up in the heat of the event.

It was so hot my head felt like it was in a pressure cooker when I put my helmet on.

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

Every sort of car you can imagine (and can’t imagine) came to take part in the gymkhana, which was really cool to see. As gymkhana places more emphasis on driver skill rather than car power there was an absence of big-powered, big turbo cars there.

There were Kelisas, Integras, Cefiros, Peugeots, old-school Civics and even this beautifully restored KE70 Corolla competing in the various classes:

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

The intense heat made my suspension really spongy at the front and I was battling ridiculous understeer all day. I tried adjusting my suspension setting to the hardest but to no avail, my springs were as limp as Tiger Woods’ dick after his wife threw a golf club at him.

My spring were so limp that my front left wheel ate into the mudguard, chewed it up and spat it out all over the car park.

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

One of the funnest cars to watch during the day was Timothy Ketit’s S15 (below) – the car was actually running a normally aspirated SR20DE engine (not the regular SR20DET turbocharged one) which I thought was really interesting.

Turbo or no turbo, Timothy tore it up around the track and delighted crowds every time he pulled up to the 360 cone and drifted round it.

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

As the course was pretty short, everyone managed to get a good number of runs in and props to GRA for squeezing in as many runs as possible for competitors so they could get their money’s worth.

I however called it a day after my mudguard died since there were some electrical wires dangling down from the engine bay and I didn’t want my wheels to have them for dessert. Luckily I managed to post a half-decent time before I retired. I wish I could have kept going though!

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

You might not be able to tell from the photo below since I look so calm and collected (haha) – but I am sweating buckets and being roasted alive in my car:

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

The Pro-Spec 1.0s I was wearing were amazing. They are the most comfortable racing shoes I have ever worn. Thank you DC!

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

Ian Khong (below) is the founder of Grass Racing Autosports, a professional rally driver (works Ford) and an all-round nice guy.

He was the organizer, course designer, timekeeper, coach and too many other things to mention. Despite being so busy with everything, he managed to keep the mood friendly and relaxed and STILL had time to give advice and encouragement to competitors.

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

I think the thing I liked best about the event was that most of the competitors were really friendly and everyone had a healthy respect for each other regardless of what car they were driving. This is the TRUE spirit of motorsports that I hope I can see more often in Malaysia.

It’s so much cooler than those posers who buy expensive sports cars and spend all their time TALKING about how fast their cars are instead of getting down and PROVING it.

To me the GRA All Star Gymkhana was totally not about winning or losing but just a bunch of enthusiasts getting together and learning more about their own car’s limits and trying to improve their driving skills. I had an amazing time and I really can’t wait for the next one!

Grass Racing Autosports All Star Gymkhana 2009 @ Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang

I’d like to thank Ian Khong & Jian Nin from Grass Racing Autosports for organizing such a kick ass event, Tommy from Tommax for doing such a stellar job with the stickers on my car, Eric from Northern Garage for keeping my car in tip-top condition, Leong from Keat Chong Tyres for always spending more time than necessary testing my tyre pressures with me and last but not least Jeremy Hale & Cherice Fredricks from DC Shoes who have shown me nothing but love and support in my racing endeavors.


DC X Mike Shinoda X Suru LA Xanders


What’s Good? has been very fortunate to have been allocated a small run of one of the hottest pair of kicks to be released in 2009 – the DC X Mike Shinoda X SURU Xanders.

This is by far my favorite pair of kicks this year and I’m glad that some of you will be able to share in the joy of owning this pair of shoes with me.

These kicks are currently only sold at SURU LA and will only be available at select DC retailers worldwide from the 20th of December onwards.

And did I mention that there are only 500 pairs in the world?

Don’t sleep!

More information here.

My previous post about my pair of Xanders.

Photography: The Pixel Pimps