DC Shoes Spring 2011 APAC Apparel Release @ Volar, Hong Kong

After coming back from the launch of the DC X Royalefam Circus of Mutants collection in ManilaJeremy asked me if I would be interested in doing the music for their Spring 2011 Fashion Show which was going to take place in Hong Kong in June.

What would you have said? Hahaha

I’ve never actually done the music for a fashion show before, so this is actually an interesting challenge for me. I’m gonna try and make it fun and interesting, with music that doesn’t make the models trip over on the catwalk.

As this is a glimpse into the future for all of DC’s APAC dealers and distributors the show is not open to the public but I have been given the privilege to invite a few friends so if you are interested in attending hit me up!

P.S. We will be giving away a special DC X BBB mix CD to all attendees at the show … this is my first mix CD in fucking years and it’s gonna kick ass.

P.P.S. For all my homies/friends/family – I’m only going to be in town for a few days and my schedule is CRAZY tight with all the prep for the show and meetings etc so my apologies in advance if I can’t hook up with you, k? Try to come to the show, then we can chill for a bit after.

See you in Hong Kong!


Skate 3

Hey check it out – I’m in the Skate 3 video game!

Hahaha … but you can be too, since EA has such extensive skater customization options that you can make pretty much anyone in the game.

Skate 3

The t-shirt I’m wearing in the game is also one I custom designed myself, since I didn’t really like the DC ones on offer. The kicks are some super fly Rob Dyrdek mids. DC has a lot more kicks in this game than in Skate 2, but 99% of them are black so they all look the same.

(Jeremy, you gotta admit that T looks pretty tight, right? How about making a real one? Hehehe)

Skate 3

In Skate 3 you start a board company with a friend, and as you complete tasks you become better known and sell more boards – you get to add riders to your team.

It’s a pretty well thought out way to entice you to go through some of the insanely hard challenges and there’s nothing I can really complain about. The graphics have been improved, more tricks have been added (dark slides!) and I basically get to relive my teenage years every time I pop in this game. Hahaha

Skate 3

Oh yeah and just in case you don’t have an Xbox 360EA has also just released Skate It for the iPhone – which is fucking impossible to play, so I don’t recommend it.


I seriously have the utmost respect for Travis Pastrana (and not just because he drives for the Subaru Rally Team USA)

If you have seen his autobiographical movie 199 Lives then you will know this guy is like a T-1000 – he will stop at nothing till he achieves whatever goal he has set for himself.



Jeremy Hale

Things have been extra crazy at the office and I’ve got most of my work planned out from now till Summer 2011.

If I told you what I was working on you wouldn’t believe me and if you did I’d have to kill you so I’ll stay mum for now. Hahaha

Recently since reorganizing the What’s Good? website I also decided to do some “house cleaning” and got rid of some super dead weight blogs on the What’s Good? Conspiracy as well. I’m doing a LOT of “cleaning up” this year and removing ALL the dead weight and social parasites from my life to better prepare for the craziness that is going to start in about 5-6 months time.

But let’s not talk about dead weight right now … I’d much rather talk about 2 SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT people that I’ve managed to convince to blog for your benefit.

The first one is my good mate Jeremy Hale who is the APAC Director of Sales for DC Shoes.

Jeremy is the one who first reached out to me from DC, and we’ve been on a steady grind for more than a year now! He has shown me incredible support in all my endeavours and has also been a very good friend.

When we were in the Philippines I told Jeremy that I thought he should write a blog since no one knows what happens behind the scenes at DC and since he’s travelling to a different country every week he should do it.

I myself am always interested to know what he gets up to (he meets some awesome people and is good mates with superstar DJs like Carl Cox and Sander Kleinenberg) so I’m pretty sure you would love to read about his work and travels!

Dr. Sean Tierney

The other super heavyweight dude that has just started blogging with us is Sean Tierney (Ph.D)

I’ve never met Sean in person, but I have a lot of respect for him because of his blog (we are fellow bloggers at AliveNotDead) and his blog is one of the few that I read on a regular basis.

He writes the best movie reviews in the world and is also a great guitar player.

I really love his writing style and think more people should be exposed to his Tierney-isms (copyright BBB) – I swear sometimes I just laugh out loud when reading his blog and I hope you will enjoy his brutally honest outlook on life.

When I asked him what he wanted to be referred to as (I suggested “Professional Film Critic“) Sean wrote back and said he would much rather be known as a “Professional Asshole


In terms of content these two are gonna kill it!

Check out Jeremy’s blog at: http://jeremy.thewhatsgoodconspiracy.com/

and Sean’s blog at: http://sean.thewhatsgoodconspiracy.com/

P.S. Jeremy – the photo below is in response to your post. Anyone who considers themselves to be a REAL DJ should have at least 1 or 2 of these lying around somewhere. If you don’t, then sorry I will never consider you to be a proper DJ. 😉

My trusty record box


The What's Good? Group

I’m always asked what it is exactly that I do and many people seem to think that all I do is DJ. In fact, DJing is probably the smallest thing that I do in the grand scheme of things at What’s Good? – it just happens to be one of the more high-profile “jobs” that I do so people only seem to pay attention to that.

It usually takes me far too long to explain every thing that I do in detail so nowadays I just say, “I’m a semi-professional race-car driver.”

But seriously, there are many aspects to my work, and sometimes it’s hard to condense everything into a simple sentence so recently I decided to revamp the company website to help people understand us better.

And now the site is done so please take some time to browse through it and see what exactly it is we get up to here. If you read carefully you might learn some stuff about my company that you didn’t know before!


Thank you.