Meeting with Lotus

As usual, after all of our meetings, Kah Beng will always bring me to the R3/Lotus workshop to see what’s going and this time was no exception.

Meeting with Lotus

This Exige S is currently being prepped for some lucky bastard.

In my opinion, the Exige S is the perfect driving machine and is one of my TWO dream cars.

My other dream car is the Impreza, but I’m already driving that. Hehe

Meeting with Lotus

When you look at an Exige up close you will notice all sorts of beautiful details.

Its as if the designers WANTED you to look at everything up close and scrutinize every part of the car.

Meeting with Lotus

Ahhh … 1.8 litres and 240hp … *drool*

Meeting with Lotus

The mark of British racing heritage …

Meeting with Lotus

Hmm … funny how a pair of DC shoes can match a Lotus car, huh?


Meeting with Lotus

Oh Thursday, I got up at the crack of dawn to get my ass down to Kuala Lumpur for a meeting with Head of Lotus Malaysia Oh Kah Beng at his request.

Meeting with Lotus

I had a couple of delays so I only left Penang at 9AM, but luckily I was flying Air Impreza so I managed to make it to KL by 11.

Meeting with Lotus

As usual, our meetings take place inside Proton’s Centre of Excellence complex at Shah Alam.

Meeting with Lotus

The meeting was a pretty hyper one, as all the while we were downing these LR8 energy drinks from Lotus.

Meeting with Lotus

This is Shariman, Lotus Malaysia’s brand/marketing manager.

I think I’m probably the only person who would turn up to a meeting with Lotus wearing a Subaru t-shirt.

What can I say, I love my car!

Meeting with Lotus

LR8 rocks!


Jimmy Wee/Prestigious Wines

My good buddy Jimmy, owner of Prestigious Wines, is in Penang to visit some of his regular clients and conduct some private wine tasting sessions.

And of course, every time Jimmy comes to town, he always brings me a few bottles of goodness so after dinner we stopped by That Little Wine Bar to sample the wine that Jimmy had brought for me to try.

Jimmy Wee/Prestigious Wines

That Little Wine Bar provided us with white and red glasses so we could get down to business.

As usual, Jimmy didn’t disappoint and I don’t think he’s ever brought me a bottle of wine that I didn’t enjoy.

It’s nice to have a mate who imports the BEST wine into Malaysia. Haha

Check out this very unique triangular-shaped bottle:

Jimmy Wee/Prestigious Wines

BTW, Jimmy is getting hitched to his lovely girlfriend Jem in October (10.10.10) so I wish them all the best (and for sure I will be at the wedding dinner because I know you will have some good wine there. Hehe)


JC Express Cafe

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to think of where to go for dinner and I decided to visit the poor and desolate Penang Times Square to see if there were any struggling businesses there that needed a bit of support.

Of course there were plenty of empty restaurants, but I was passed a flyer by a guy from a place called the JC Café and on it they advertised Portugese Egg Tarts and Steamed Milk.

Steamed milk is a Cantonese-style custard-like dessert that is very popular in Hong Kong and you can never find it in Penang, so I was curious to try it.

JC Express Cafe

The place is hidden away in a corner on the 2nd floor so I have no idea how anyone would find the restaurant since no one goes to the mall at all.

Anyways, I ordered my food, and for my drink I ordered a Hong Kong-style iced tea.

JC Express Cafe

Here is the iced tea (RM5.90) next to the steamed milk (RM3.90).

And so you have a good idea of how BIG an iced tea you get for RM5.90 and how MUCH steamed milk you get for RM3.90, here are both items next to my iPhone:

JC Express Cafe

Is that the most expensive iced tea in Penang? (Don’t forget HALF of it was filled with ice)

I can put more tea in a fucking shot glass.

The food was crap too and absolutely NOT worth the price.



I cried when I watched this clip.

There is no limit to the human will and Liu Wei demonstrates this perfectly.

I wish more people would have his enthusiasm and spirit.

He is someone who has incredible talent and will inspire people all around the world.

I don’t ever want to hear someone say, “I can’t do it …” because that only means you are LAZY.

Liu Wei is amazing and I hope he wins China’s Got Talent!