Dorifto Neko's New Ride

My boy Victor aka Dorifto Neko just got back from Australia and within one week of returning home he had already sourced and bought a new car – a Mazda RX-7 FD3S.

Dorifto Neko's New Ride

The FD3S has always been one of my favorite cars. I think the styling is classic and the car still looks so fresh even though it was first released in 1993.

Dorifto Neko's New Ride

The RX-7 is a great addition to the What’s Good? team and I’m happy to report that Victor is already planning an impressive build for the car and will be campaigning his FD3s in gymkhana, drift AND time attack events.

Welcome back, fatty!


Check out this pair of video clips from HRE Wheels on Monster Tajima and Rhys Millen as they tackled this year’s Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

Super respect to Monster Tajima for being the first person in history to crack the 10-minute barrier at America’s 2nd oldest race.

And he did it at the age of 61 too!


2011 Bon Odori Festival, Penang

There is a Bon Odori celebration every year in Penang and this year was the first time that I went to check it out in the 15 years that I have lived here.

According to Wikipedia, this is what the Bon Odori festival is:

Obon or just Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one’s ancestors. This Buddhist custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.

In Malaysia, Bon Odori Festivals are also celebrated every year in Penang and at the Matsushita Corp Stadium in Shah Alam, Selangor. This celebration, which is a major attraction for the state of Selangor, is the brain child of the Japanese Expatriate & Immigrant’s Society in Malaysia. In comparison to the celebrations in Japan, the festival is celebrated on a much smaller scale in Penang and Selangor, and is less associated with Buddhism and more with Japanese culture. Held mainly to expose locals to a part of Japanese culture, the festival provides the experience of a variety of Japanese food and drinks, art and dance.

2011 Bon Odori Festival, Penang

I didn’t see much “Japanese culture” and “Japanese food and drinks, art and dance” at this year’s Bon Odori festival.

The only “Japanese culture” I saw was some local girls running around in kimonos and camwhoring.

The only REAL “Japanese food and drinks” I saw was one stall that sold oden.

Some others sold really shit versions of sushiokonomiyaki, takoyaki and gyoza but that was it.

The bulk of the booths sold char koay teow, laksa, satay, nasi lemak and food that you can find at ANY pasar malam in Penang.

Some cheap-ass hotels also set up booths to sell even more shitty and un-authentic/non-Japanese food.

The only “art and dance” I saw was some MALAYSIAN cultural dancing (singing MALAYSIAN songs) – for the hour-plus that I was at the Esplanade, I did not hear a single Japanese song.

I would have to say that for a “Japanese festival” this year’s Bon Odori in Penang was a COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE.

2011 Bon Odori Festival, Penang

Luckily for me the night was not a total loss, as I had two beautiful ladies to accompany me.

(Actually they were the ones who asked me to go to check out the Bon Odori festival)

2011 Bon Odori Festival, Penang

This is Dr. Chee (yes, she is a REAL doctor) … holding the awful okonomiyaki.

It didn’t look like okonomiyaki and it didn’t taste like okonomiyaki.

If the stall didn’t have a big sign saying that it was okonomiyaki, I wouldn’t have known what the fuck it was.

2011 Bon Odori Festival, Penang

One good thing that came out from the night was that they had voter registration booths there, so Ming Ming and I registered to vote … I’ve never really been interested in Malaysian-politics in the past but I think the time for sitting by the sidelines and letting those parasites suck the country dry is long-past so I want to do my part.

At the last election, there were 4.4million people under the age of 30 who were eligible to vote but only 400,000 registered and voted.

If the other 4 million voters had turned up and voted for the opposition then the election would have swung the other way and we would have gotten rid of those cockroaches already.


Every vote counts!