Just in case some of you were wondering why my blog has been pretty dead for the past couple of weeks – I called off to Kuala Lumpur to help Accenture with a project right after the Shell Helix Invasion Tour was over (literally the next day)

Accenture is one of the world’s biggest I.T. consultancies and they have a hand in most of the back-end software and implementation that many large corporations rely on to run their businesses.

I can’t talk about what I did (very top-secret, non-disclosure-agreement stuff) so I won’t.

I can however talk about some other stuff like:


This was the first time I’ve worked with a Sony EX3 HD camera. It is AWESOME.

Well it should be coz it costs RM42,000.00 each.


It was the first time I’ve used a SXS memory card. I always wondered what that slot was for!

With the new unibody MacBook Pros, you only get the SXS slot on the 17-inch version.


I had to buy 2 1TB hard-disks (FireWire, baby!) and use 2 MacBook Pros to do all my work.


I worked with 2 really hard-working dudes – Helmi (L) and Nasri (R)

That’s about all I can say (work-wise) … so now I’m back on the grid and rejoining civilization.

It was a tough 2-weeks – not a lot of sleep (but it was totally worth it)

I love working with Accenture and I’d like to thank them for giving me an opportunity to assist them with this project.

Thank you so much and I’ll see everyone in 2012!

Happy New Year to all of you!


Stanley's R35 GTR

Last Friday, my good friend Stanley came up one day before the Shell Helix Invasion Tour to hang out with me before all the madness began.

He drove his monster up and was kind enough to let me try it.

Before this, I was actually very against driving the R35 and I always felt that I would never want to own one because the car only has 2 pedals in the footwell.

But after driving the car …



Stanley's R35 GTR

The first thing I loved about the R35 was the driving position. I’m a pretty small dude, and I thought that it would be difficult for me to get a good, snug driving position in the R35. I’ve tried the R32, R33 and R34 and I never felt 100% comfortable in any of them. But the driving position (for me) in the R35 is spot on! It actually feels snugger than my Impreza. I’ve sat in the passenger seat many times but I never felt that it was anything special, but the driving position in the GTR is really perfect.

The second thing I really loved about the car was its agility. It’s 1700kg, but it feels like a 1400kg car. It’s nimble and very responsive to steering movements. The car reacts instantaneously to your commands. Press your foot down on the accelerator and the car works it’s magic to make you forget you are trying to move 3 tonnes of metal. It’s just ridiculous how much torque this car has (and no turbo lag)!

The 3rd thing I love love love about the R35 is all the telemetry it provides to the driver. As a driver I want to know about my car’s condition at all times and the R35 provides information in spades. The Kazanori Yamauchi-designed display is awesome and telemetry is provided in a clear and concise manner. I could stare at the display all day and just fiddle around with it. It makes the one on the R34 look really cheap (sorry Steve)

Stanley's R35 GTR

After driving the car for the whole afternoon (stuck in a traffic jam and flooring it on the highway), I realized that there is nothing I don’t like about the car. I even forgot that the car is an automatic. Actually, it’s probably better that the car is an auto because no human could match the speed at which the R35 does it stuff. Human gearshifts? Too slow man. Letting the computer manage that frees up the driver to concentrate on steering angle and throttle input.

It really is a marvel of automotive engineering and I would like to thank my buddy Stanley for letting me be the first person other than himself to drive his beast. Thanks Stan!

Sorry, I have to go now. I have a bank to rob.


Shell Helix Invasion Tour @ Sixty9ine Mansion


Don’t forget – my DJ set is from 11pm – 12am … For everyone who has already called/msged/emailed to tell me they are coming, thank you for your support!

P.S. Please note that Sixty9ine’s carpark will be reserved for cars from the Blue Jackets Society only.


Shell Helix Invasion Tour @ Sixty9ine Mansion

Erwin, founder and “dai low” of the Blue Jackets Society, called me on Monday and told me that SIXTY cars will be making the drive from KL-Penang.


My only question was … how are we gonna fit all of them into Sixty9ine’s car park?


(Click image for bigger version)


Shell Helix Invasion Tour @ Sixty9ine Mansion

The Shell Helix Invasion Tour hits Penang next week (Saturday 10 December, 2011) and the party is gonna be at one of my favorite clus on the island – Sixty9ine Mansion in Batu Ferringhi.

35 supercars from Kuala Lumpur are taking part in the Penang leg of the tour so make sure you are at Sixty9ine at 9.30PM if you wanna hear the roar of the engines as they arrive at the club!

I’ll be DJing from 11pm-12am.

Don’t forget to bring your cameras!

(P.S. Click image for larger version)