2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge - Round 1

Been on the road non-stop for a couple of weeks and my MacBook has died so I haven’t been able to keep you guys as up-to-date as I would like to.

Round 1 of the 2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge was an incredible success for us. We achieved everything we wanted to achieve and the feedback/response from spectators/participants was incredibly positive so I’m really happy!

Here’s a list of things I was super psyched about:

1) The Surface of the Sepang Paddock CarparkSUPER SUPER SMOOTH. I slid around all day and could still drive back on the same set of tyres. In fact, I’m STILL on the same tyres now!

2) The Participants – RIDICULOUS DRIVING TALENT. I love watching great drivers take to the courses I design and tear them apart. My God are we attracting some seriously talented drivers to our races. Watching people like Mike Ng, Johnson Tan, Mickey Teoh, Mitch Chong, Abdul Hafiz Salleh, Ariff Johanis Ahmad and Mohan Balasingam make their cars dance around a gymkhana course is simply beautiful. If you haven’t seen them drive then I highly recommend you come to Round 2 and watch some of the best drivers in Malaysia in action!

3) Collaborating w/ ZeroToHundred – MAGNIFICENT. I’ve always loved ZeroToHundred’s Time To Attack race, and I love how Tom Goh & Angeline Lee run things over at ZTH, so I was super happy to be able to collaborate with them to run 2 simultaneous race events at Sepang. Everything ran without a hitch and I think a lot of drivers found it incredibly refreshing that there was so much car action at Sepang that day.

I’d like to thank our SUPER MEGA AWESOME event partners ZeroToHundredClarion, DC Shoes, Whiteline, Martini Racing, Epic Sound & Light and Motorsport Playground for their invaluable support in helping us make our event one of the coolest gymkhana races in the region!

Please click the link below to check out all the photos from Round 1:


Thank you all for your support!