This Is Gymkhana – Launching In A Few Days!

This Is Gymkhana - Launching In A Few Days!

Yep! The new Conemasters video – “This Is Gymkhana” is launching in a few days.

It will be launched on (yes, THE that’s in all the news right now haha)

For those who don’t know, is run by Joshua and Matt Martelli of Mad Media, and they are best known to car enthusiasts worldwide for being the directors of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Practice, Gymkhana 2 and Gymkhana 3 videos (which everyone agrees are the best in the series).

To have the Martelli brothers take an interest in what we are doing at Conemasters is an honor for me as I have an enormous amount of respect for how they have revolutionized motorsport cinematography. Yes, Ken Block was the star of the videos, but no matter how good the driver, if you don’t have a good director – you will look like shit (take Robert De Niro for example)

For this video, I wanted to show people what a real gymkhana event is like, and footage was shot at Round 1 & Round 2 of the 2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge. I wanted to show people that there are a lot of very talented drivers out there and not just in the few high profile videos that exist on YouTube.

Hopefully those who watch the video will get an idea of how much fun we have at every Conemasters event!

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