Uber Declared Illegal In Malaysia

Uber Declared Illegal In Malaysia

Yes, Malaysia has some of the worst taxi drivers in the world and yes, there are many problems with the current taxi system (one of the main ones being some cabbies refusing to charge according to the meter) and yes, many people who have used Uber have had pleasant experiences with the service, but it doesn’t change the fact that fundamentally it is an unlicensed and unregulated service.

If, touch wood, anything happens to someone whilst using the service, Uber won’t be responsible and you have no legal recourse to follow, not to mention insurance issues etc.

A few years ago, after a string of bus accidents happened, people found out that certain bus companies were hiring people with expired driving licenses to drive. In that situation at least the government could go after the companies and demand restitutions for accident victims and/or even shut companies or make them suspend their services.

Uber should either make an attempt to get licensed and have a base of operations here to handle legal matters … whether or not they are able to get a license due to protectionism is a totally different issue.

Please take note that Uber classifies itself as a “request tool” and NOT a “transportation carrier” – it is a “middle man” that connects a buyer and seller and charges for it.

Hopefully taxi drivers will wake up and treat customers better so they won’t look for alternatives, but somehow I think that’s unlikely. Having said that, I have had some really good experiences with certain cab drivers, and I always make sure I get their number so I can call on them again.