How I Got The SBTG Dunks At Retail Price

The Nike SB SBTG Dunk Lows designed by the amazing Mark Ong is one of my favorite pairs of kicks ever and when his collab came out with Nike just over 10 years ago it caused mass pandemonium and chaos amongst sneakerheads around the world.

I’m only telling this story coz it happened 10 years ago and no one’s going to get in trouble now.

A few months after these Dunks were released in Singapore (where people queued up for FOUR nights for them) they were due for an even more limited release in Bangkok.

This was happening at a friend’s shop so I gave him a call and asked if he could hook me up. He said ok so I made plans to fly to Bangkok on the weekend of the launch. I could eat good food, get another tat and also pick up the Dunks.

I turned up on the day before the launch and there was a queue of kids outside the shop. They had brought little chairs and shit to help them make it through the night. It was the first time anyone in Thailand had ever queued up for a pair of kicks.

My friend advised against me taking the shoes immediately as both of us would probably get murdered if the kids saw me walking out of his shop with the kicks before they were supposed to go on sale.

So I left the shop (sans Dunks), had a great fucking weekend and came back two days later to pick up my SBTGs which were already being resold for triple the retail price online.

(The SBTG lacelock I picked up on a separate trip to Singapore)

Mad props to Mark Ong for designing one of the most iconic pairs of SBs ever and thanks to my friend who hooked me up all those years ago.


Last year, a boutique hotel in Penang was interested in engaging my company to handle their marketing, but ultimately thought that they could save a bit of money and do it themselves.

Today their occupancy is 9%.

Sometimes you have to spend a bit of money to make more. Cutting costs in a competitive market environment is not a smart business move, creating new revenue streams is.

Self Medication


You are sick, so you go to see a doctor. The doctor tells you that you have a tumour, and if you don’t operate soon, you could die. You tell the doctor, “Nah, the operation is too expensive, I’ll handle it myself.”

What do you think is going to happen?

That’s exactly the same as what some companies do when their business is in trouble. Sales are down and they don’t know how to fix it so then they find experts for advice, but after the experts give a solution to the problem they don’t want to spend the money or implement the recommended solution.

What do you think is going to happen?


Getting Ready For The Match

This video was part of a bigger project for an automotive client that I directed a while back.

I was quite happy with the outcome since it was a very rushed shoot and I had very little time for pre-production. I basically had to put everything together within 2 weeks from pre to post.

It was shot entirely on GoPro’s Hero4. Edited/Color-Corrected in Final Cut Pro.

Many thanks to my beautiful talent – Ting Lim, Amelyn Han, Shan Shan Tan & Vivon Chou and of course my wonderful makeup artists Stephanie Khoo and Jamie Ooi!

Rodney Mullen – A Beautiful Mind

An incredible insight into the mind of THE skater who invented street skating as we know it. Rodney Mullen has been my favorite skater since I started skating and this is a rare interview in which he articulates the mindset of skaters and why we are different from other people.

Even if you know nothing about skateboarding, you should watch this!

Dukes & Duchess

Dukes & Duchess

Last week I was in Kuala Lumpur for a series of meetings and I hooked up with my good buddy Dato’ David Gurupatham for dinner at The Roof (awesome one-stop entertainment hub in Petaling Jaya) and after we were done with dinner we adjourned to Dato’s regular Wednesday night hangout place – Dukes & Duchess in TTDI.

Now, I’d never been to this place, but I’d heard a lot about it from Dato’, so I was looking forward to checking it out. And boy was the place popping! Crazy! Rammed to max and filled with beautiful people (seems like all of the Brazilian/Russian/Portuguese/Spanish models who are in KL come to this cozy little bar)

I had a great night and met a lot of really friendly people. I haven’t been in a bar with such a friendly crowd/vibe for years! If any of you are looking for a totally unpretentious bar with friendly staff and regulars – give Dukes & Duchess a visit.

Thank you Dato’ David for a great night out!

Dukes & Duchess
No. 52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Sexy Cover Boy

So so so proud that my good friend Dato’ David Gurupatham was interviewed at depth for the cover story of the Feb/Mar 2014 issue of Newman Magazine.

However, the article doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what an incredibly inspiring person Dato’ David is, both in the way he lives his life and how he treats those around him.

In the few years that I’ve known Dato’, I’ve been one of the lucky few who has often been on the receiving end of his generosity and I am extremely honored to be able to call him my friend.

Congratulations Dato’!