Throwback/Fast 6 Movie Launch/Kuala Lumpur

Throwback/Fast 6 Movie Launch/Kuala Lumpur

This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done … putting together the opening weekend activities for the launch of Fast 6 in Malaysia … it was an incredible experience and of course a great honour to be allowed to create a genuine “Fast & Furious” experience for Malaysian fans of the franchise.

Movie-goers who watched Fast 6 on opening weekend where we were could register for a ride in one of two cars (one was mine, the other was Wan’s awesome RWD Satria) … Everyone had a super good time, some of my friends like Remus Chang, Erwin Azizi, Blue Jackets, Tengku Djan and Adrian Cham also lent out some of their precious cars for display.

It truly was an epic event (every show was sold out on opening weekend) and I’d like to thank United International Pictures and the Summit KL for choosing to work with me and my team.

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past – AWESOME

X-Men: Days Of Future Past - AWESOME

Finally watched X-Men: Days of Future Past last night.

Without a doubt it is now my favorite X-Men movie by far. Previously my favorite one was First Class.

One of the best things about Days of Future Past is that it fixes a lot of continuity problems from all the previous films, tying everything up nicely so the franchise can move forward.

This photo is my favorite scene in the movie … Super super dope … Quicksilver is awesome in the film.

X-Men Trivia: For those who don’t know, Pietro/Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver, is actually Magneto’s son in the comics. In the film Peter asks Magneto what his mutation is. He tells him he can manipulate metal, to which he responds, “Really? My mom used to date a guy who could move metal”. and Magneto turns to face him with a shocked expression on his face. This is a reference to Quicksilver’s comic book counterpart whose father is Magneto.

Awesome film. I wanna watch it again!

P.S. Don’t forget to stay till the credits finish! 😉

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Hadoken! The Best Live-Action Street Fighter Adapation Ever Made Is Here!

Street Fighter

As kids, which one of us (guys) didn’t play countless hours of Capcom’s legendary video game Street Fighter? And which fan of the game didn’t want to see a live-action version of our favorite video game?

Well, Hollywood gave us what they THOUGHT we wanted in 1994 with a piss poor movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme, and an even worse follow-up in 2009 (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) proving time and again that big movie studios usually kill films based on video games with a big KO.

But fans of Street Fighter now have something to rejoice about. Leave it to an independent group of industry professionals to produce the best ever live-action version of Street Fighter that we have ever seen. Spot-on casting and beautifully shot, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is THE live-action version of Street Fighter that we have all been waiting for.

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is a live-action web series, TV series and feature film in the martial arts film genre developed by director, fight choreographer, writer, actor and martial artist Joey Ansah; actor, writer and martial artist Christian Howard and Academy Award-nominated film producer, Jacqueline Quella. Based on the popular video game series by Capcom, Street Fighter, the story focuses on Ryu and Ken as they uncover the past of their master, Gouken, and learn the secrets of their dark art, Ansatsuken.

A short clip was produced in 2010, and fans went apeshit over it, leading to producers to seek funding to produce a full length web series, which is now available in it’s entirety on Machinima for your enjoyment.

This proves that with a brilliant creative vision and enthusiastic fans to support you, great things can happen. Hadoken!

Watch the entire series of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist here:



When I first saw the trailer for Jon Favreau’s movie Chef I was like “I’m hungry.”

Haha … it seemed liked the kind of movie any food enthusiast MUST watch … and with such a star-studded cast of many of my favorite actors like Robert Downey Jr., John Leguizamo, Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johannson and many more, there’s not chance I’m gonna miss this.

Check out the trailer and see if it makes you hungry too:

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OMG I’m So Excited!

OMG I'm So Excited!

I’m so psyched … The Flash is definitely my favorite superhero of all time, and to know that Barry Allen is getting a brand new TV series on the same channel that produces the awesome Arrow is really good news to me. Grant Gustin looks perfect for the role and I can’t wait to watch it!

The new Flash is much sleeker than the old one (circa 1990 and starring John Wesley Shipp):

The Flash (1990)

Check out the teaser trailer that The CW released:

Looks so awesome!

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