Here’s some video I shot with Viddy yesterday at a photoshoot for SuperModel Wardrobe, which is a cool ladies fashion boutique in Penang that is run by some of my friends.

Shooting photos and videos of beautiful women all afternoon? I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

Viddy is awesome!




Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Without a doubt, the 2011 Conemasters x Mean Machines Gymkhana Challenge was the biggest and best gymkhana event ever held in Penang so far and hopefully our upcoming video will show those of you who missed the event just how awesome it was.

The footage that Anthony and the boys from Image Foundation shot was amazing but I wanted something extra to make the video even more special so I came up with an idea to shoot an opening sequence at the Ixora Hotel.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

I gave Edmund Foo from the Ixora a call and asked if we could use the hotel to shoot and he said no problem.

I then called some of the boys to arrange a date when everyone was free.

I was actually quite nervous about the shoot as I had a very specific idea in my head but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to translate it onto the screen.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Check out Victor’s awesome sticker on the side of his car.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Jackson built a new car especially for the shoot.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

The “car” also doubled as a dolly for some of our tracking shots. Improvisation to the max!

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

My concept had a beautiful woman in it so who else could I call except Ming Ming?

Ming Ming has her own helmet … 🙂

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Allen Cheah and Lee Cooper, two of the drivers who competed in Conemasters.

Both are great drivers – Lee actually came 2nd in the Front-Wheel Drive category at the event.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Anthony from Image Foundation.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Jimmy from Image Foundation showing me the playback on one of the shots.

Everything was shot on Canon EOS 5D MKIIs – hi-def yo!

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Me directing one of the shots.

It’s actually the first time I’ve fully directed a scripted shoot and I have to say I really enjoyed the experience.

It helped that I was working with some incredibly talented individuals!

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Anthony took this shot from on top of a 10-foot tall ladder.

He’ll go to any lengths to get a good shot!

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

We managed to get delivery of our Conemasters x Mean Machines t-shirts in time for the shoot so everyone kitted out.

We were actually supposed to have the Ts at the event but due to some technical problems on the manufacturing side we only got them on the day of the shoot.

This is a limited edition T that only drivers and crew will get.

Conemasters X Mean Machines Video Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

I stayed at the Ixora the night before the shoot (cause I was worried that I couldn’t wake up in time) … I took this shot as I felt my Impreza looked so calm and peaceful just sitting there.

The shoot turned out to be awesome and we got some really good footage. I’ve finished editing everything of the video and I’m rendering a final version as I type this.

The video will be released on 15.11.11 so stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone at for being so helpful, blocking off the entire grand entrance and making our shoot so smooth.

Thanks to Anthony, Jimmy and Louis from Image Foundation for being such dope Directors of Photography and cameramen.

Thanks to Jackson, Victor, Justin, Allen and Lee Cooper for being such great talents!

And lastly of course thanks to the beautiful Ms. Chee Hui Ming for lighting up every shot she was in.



2011 Conemasters X Mean Machines Gymkhana Challenge Official Video

My apologies for the lack of updates but I have literally locked myself away to edit the official video for the 2011 Conemasters x Mean Machines Gymkhana Challenge.

A lot of work has gone into this video because I really wanted to show people who weren’t there just how fucking awesome the event was.

Props must go to Anthony Tan and the boys from Image Foundation for shooting such amazing footage. They worked tirelessly for 2 days, capturing every moment of the event – I have never seen any photographers working so hard before! The end result was more than 100GB of photos and videos. More than 4000 photographs and more than 400 video clips.


It took me more than 9 hours just to look at the video footage. I actually haven’t even started looking at the photos yet.

I’m happy to say that the video is almost done and hopefully we can release it before the end of next week so stay tuned!



Awesome KE70

One of my friends was in the market to buy a “new” car recently so when he found one that he liked he asked a couple of mates to come out and have a look at it with him.

When I saw this KE70, I was shocked/stunned/gobsmacked coz it was just so immaculate!

Awesome KE70

The exterior of the car was perfect, and we couldn’t find a trace of rust anywhere (VERY RARE on KE70s)

Awesome KE70

But the biggest surprise to all of us was when the bonnet was popped.

Awesome KE70

Holy shit! Look at that engine! It looks brand new!

The car was running a 4A-GE transplant and even had quad throttle bodies. The sound it made was quite heavenly and none of us could get enough of it.

Awesome KE70

The interior was also spotless and sported a full dashboard conversion from an AE86 as well.

Awesome KE70

I really could not find anything wrong with this car and it was perfect from every angle.

Awesome KE70

Here’s another shot of the engine just because it was so awesome.

Awesome KE70

The rims kicked ass too! O.G. JDM goodness.

Awesome KE70

This is really the most beautiful KE70 I have EVER seen in Penang.

I’m happy that my friend bought it so I can see the car regularly.

And if you wanna see this car too, make sure you drop by Conemasters X Mean Machines @ Auto City on the 15th and 16th of October because my friend bought this car to compete in the event!

Congratulations to Justin, take good care of this beauty!

P.S. Click on each picture to see a bigger version so you can really appreciate all the details!


Miss Mean Machines 2011

It’s Sunday but I had a meeting with Andrew, the organizer for Mean Machines, at Auto City.

As our event is just over a month away both of our teams have been incredibly busy and we haven’t really had a chance to sit down to give each other updates.

Andrew has been running all around the country to promote Mean Machines and talk to exotic car owners to get them to display their cars at the show, and I’ve been busy trying to put all the logistics for Conemasters x Mean Machines together.

Miss Mean Machines 2011

We met at Naza World, where Andrew was also supervising the photoshoot for the 2011 Miss Mean Machines finalists.

Miss Mean Machines 2011

I can safely say that the girls this year are 100x hotter, cuter and friendlier than the ones last year.

All you perv-oops I mean “Guys With Cameras” are going to be in for a treat.

Miss Mean Machines 2011

Largest performance motorsport and motoring event in the Northern Region?

I think WHOLE of Malaysia is more likely – remember, last year Mean Machines had 100,000 visitors!

I’m SUPER SUPER PYSCHED for the event, and hope that everyone will come and check out the show!!!

Conemasters X Mean Machines Gymkhana Challenge
15 & 16 October 2011
Juru Auto City
Penang Malaysia

P.S. For those who are interested in entering the gymkhana, please send an email to so we can provide you with the relevant information.



Sorry for the sporadic updates but I’ve been crazy busy for the last couple of weeks.

A lot of stuff has been dumped on my lap work-wise and I’m in the midst of organizing a couple of massive events before the end of the year, one of which is CONEMASTERS 2 (more news on this coming soon)

In the midst of all this chaos, Victor called me and asked me if I would be interested in a photoshoot with his car.

How could  refuse? I love fatty’s car and I hadn’t had any good photos of my Impreza taken in a long time.


We met up with the photographers Anthony, Ray, Louis and Geno on the mainland.

I have to say I was immediately impressed by their professionalism as they didn’t waste a single second and started pulling all sorts of equipment out of their cars once we got to the location.


This is the first location where we shot at – a tyre shop in Butterworth that was closed on Sunday.

A lot of grey concrete and metal made the perfect contrast to the cars and Victor’s RX-7 really seemed to pop out of every shot.


Fatty testing the front suspension of his FD3S … Hahaha


The shoot went on all they way into the night and it was a fun experience for me.

It was great to see people looking at our cars (through their lenses) in ways that I had never imagined.

I can’t wait to see the final photos!

Thanks very much to Anthony, Ray, Louis and Geno.