BadBoyBen’s hands-on knowledge of what makes dancefloors rock contributes immensely to his ability to make great dance music. Tough, funky and incredibly groovy, all of his productions have a catchy feel to them that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go until the next track is dropped.

He’s proven time and time again to have the magic touch when remixing for other people or producing his own tracks and his productions have all received widespread critical acclaim from industry peers and the general public alike.

Two of his tracks have reached #1 in two different countries – 1) a remix for Hong Kong indie artist The Pancakesi want to fly (released 2003), and 2) his own The Call (released 2005)


DEC 2005

BadBoyBen – The Call (FS-003)

a. Original Mix
b. Censored Mix

(#1 on 988 Move’s Charts when released!)

MAY 2003

Wildchild – 20something – promo only

a. BadBoyBen & Blastique’s 3-Minute Something Mix

MAR 2003

The Pancakes – I Want To Fly

a. BadBoyBen & Blastique’s I Want To Remix Mix

(#1 on Commercial Radio Hong Kong’s Charts when released!)

JAN 2003

BadBoyBen & Blastique – This Looks Like A Job 4 Us
feat. Charmaine Samuel – promo only

a. Main Mix
b. Extended Dub
c. Radio Edit

SEP 2002

BadBoyBen – Get On Down And Party (FS-001)

a. Original Mix
b. Blastique’s Breaks Mix