Saw Emporium

Saw Emporium

Dropped by the newly opened “Swallow” @ The Saw Emporium coz I heard they had some interesting cuisine on offer.

The Saw Emporium is a new food/event space that is housed in a converted sawmill … they have a lot of their old saws, sandpaper and equipment on display, which is a nice touch.

I love places that manage combine the old and new – and The Saw Emporium manages to do it in a very tasteful manner.

Once you make your way past the courtyard you will reach the “inner sanctum” where all the action is. The space is divided into several distinctive areas, where the different cuisines are prepared. In the middle is the bar, where you place your order.

Saw Emporium

The selection is not huge but it’s well thought-out food in a refreshing environment – there’s Japanese (by Teppei Syokudo from Singapore), modern Thai (Soi 55) and grilled food (Embers).

I love the Grilled Australian Bavette from Embers – annnnd it’s only RM28!

They have a great selection of craft beer at the bar – this is a nice, fruity Pale Ale from Two Birds (which is a brewery run by 2 chicks haha)

The Saw Emporium is well worth a visit and I will be back to try some of the other food on offer.

Hopefully the remaining empty space will be open soon with more exciting food!

The Saw Emporium
1 Gat Lebuh Macallum
10300 Georgetown

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