Throwback/Fast 6 Movie Launch/Kuala Lumpur

Throwback/Fast 6 Movie Launch/Kuala Lumpur

I am always at my most peaceful when I put my helmet on.

All other sounds are shut out, I feel cocooned in a totally different world with no distractions and I am able to focus fully on driving.

This is one of the reasons I love racing so much … the track is one of the few places where I can truly find peace but feel excited at the same time.

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Throwback/Fast 6 Movie Launch/Kuala Lumpur

Throwback/Fast 6 Movie Launch/Kuala Lumpur

This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done … putting together the opening weekend activities for the launch of Fast 6 in Malaysia … it was an incredible experience and of course a great honour to be allowed to create a genuine “Fast & Furious” experience for Malaysian fans of the franchise.

Movie-goers who watched Fast 6 on opening weekend where we were could register for a ride in one of two cars (one was mine, the other was Wan’s awesome RWD Satria) … Everyone had a super good time, some of my friends like Remus Chang, Erwin Azizi, Blue Jackets, Tengku Djan and Adrian Cham also lent out some of their precious cars for display.

It truly was an epic event (every show was sold out on opening weekend) and I’d like to thank United International Pictures and the Summit KL for choosing to work with me and my team.

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Crawford Performance Gymkhana Exhaust

Crawford Performance Gymkhana Exhaust

Crawford Performance Gymkhana Exhaust

This exhaust was designed for Ken Block and the Gymkhana Cars, but was originally inspired by the Crawford Performance Time Attack Race Car with one main reason behind this system, to be heard.

With a life-long background in racing, Quirt Crawford came up with an exhaust design that adds reverberation to the sound. The result is a doubling of the sound amplitude in effort to make the exhaust audible over the rest of the race track. It produces a loud, but deep sounding rumble, unlike anything on the market.

The engine soundtrack is audible on the track, even with a helmet on. This is a great advantage for those racers that drive their cars based on the sound and feel of the engine.

Everything that stated above is an extreme understatement.

This exhaust is LOUD.

Racecar loud.

You can hear everything that’s happening in your engine.

So can all the other cars around you.

I’ve had it installed for a few days and hear is my description of how the exhaust sounds at different rev ranges:

Idle – 2500RPM: Angry Growl

2500RPM – 3500RPM: Menacing Snarl

3500RPM – 5000RPM: Unholy Howl

5000RPM – 6500RPM: Chaos & Pandemonium

6500RPM – 8000RPM: Armageddon

I’d like to thank Quirt Crawford and Crawford Performance for believing in me and supporting my racing endeavors from halfway across the world.

I’m proud to be running the first Crawford Performance parts in Malaysia/Singapore and I look forward to a new and exciting relationship with one of the most revered tuners in the world!

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2012 Conemasters Round 3!

Round 3 of the 2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge promises to be the best one yet and I hope those of you who are in the area come to check it out!

The event is brought to you by: Clarion, Infogo, Whiteline, What’s Good?, Epic Sound & Light, Motorsport Playground and the Seri Pacific Hotel.

Not only is Tengku Djan Ley going to be our Guest of Honor and course designer, we also have a special guest photographer – Alex Krasnikov, better known to automobile photography aficionados around the world as ANTYPE.

It’s going to be EPIC.

See you there!

P.S. For those of you who are coming from out of town, we can get very good rates from the Seri Pacific Hotel (that’s where we’ll all be staying) so if you want us to make reservations for you, just holla!

Conemasters Guest Of Honor!

I am SUPER honored to be able to announce that we have an INCREDIBLE Guest of Honor for Round 3 of the 2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge and its no other than His Royal Highness Tengku Djan Ley aka the Prince of Drift.

Its no secret that I have a profound respect for Tengku Djan and to have him come and support our event just makes it 100x more awesome.

I already love Speed City KL as a venue but to also have Tengku lend his valuable support by just being there AND designing the course that drivers will be tackling on the day is just TOO AWESOME.

Now I’m just wondering if Tengku Djan will bring one of his cars down to show us how to drive.


Watch “This Is Gymkhana!” At!

This Is Gymkhana!

Pop over to to check out my new video “This Is Gymkhana!” and to read a little interview they did with me. I’m really psyched that people halfway across the world are taking an interest in what we are doing over here in Asia!

Thanks to Joshua Martelli and everyone at for the support.

Please share the video and recommend it to your friends if you like it. Thank you!

This Is Gymkhana – Launching In A Few Days!

This Is Gymkhana - Launching In A Few Days!

Yep! The new Conemasters video – “This Is Gymkhana” is launching in a few days.

It will be launched on (yes, THE that’s in all the news right now haha)

For those who don’t know, is run by Joshua and Matt Martelli of Mad Media, and they are best known to car enthusiasts worldwide for being the directors of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Practice, Gymkhana 2 and Gymkhana 3 videos (which everyone agrees are the best in the series).

To have the Martelli brothers take an interest in what we are doing at Conemasters is an honor for me as I have an enormous amount of respect for how they have revolutionized motorsport cinematography. Yes, Ken Block was the star of the videos, but no matter how good the driver, if you don’t have a good director – you will look like shit (take Robert De Niro for example)

For this video, I wanted to show people what a real gymkhana event is like, and footage was shot at Round 1 & Round 2 of the 2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge. I wanted to show people that there are a lot of very talented drivers out there and not just in the few high profile videos that exist on YouTube.

Hopefully those who watch the video will get an idea of how much fun we have at every Conemasters event!

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2012 Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge - Round 2

Round 2 of the 2012 Conemasters International Challenge was an incredible success like I couldn’t have imagined.

I’d like to thank all the drivers for taking part and our valuable event partners for their full support.

Thank you to Clarion Malaysia, Royal Sporting House, DC Shoes, Seri Pacific Hotel, Whiteline Southeast Asia, Epic Sound & Light, Motorsport Playground and of course ZeroToHundred!

MEGA thanks to Ben Leong for taking some AMAZING photos. Every shot was EPIC.

I’d also like to give a special shout out to our Conemasters Event Manager Jimmy Lim and his crew of marshals for working so hard during the day despite the heavy rain in the morning.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you all so much!

So now the question is … are you ready for Round 3?


Click here to see photos from the event!