DC Shoes "Boost" Training Shoe

Jeremy was kind enough to send me a pair of new shoes before Chinese New Year. He knows all about the Chinese tradition of wearing new shoes at CNY … hahaha

The kicks Jezza sent to me are so new that they haven’t even been released yet!

This model is called the “Boost” and it’s DC’s first ever training/jogging shoe.

DC Shoes "Boost" Training Shoe

The first thing I noticed about the Boost was how light it is. The bulk of the upper is made from a breathable mesh and the shoe uses a Progressive No-Sew Technology for minimal stitch lines and reduced weight.

DC Shoes "Boost" Training Shoe

The injected foam sole is made from a new, trademarked compound from DC called “Unilite

DC Shoes "Boost" Training Shoe

Unilite starts off as a liquid with a specific gravity of 0.1 grams per cubic centimeter and a durometer of 40A, which is then molded into a co-polymer foam.

The result is a light, comfy sole that provides superior cushioning and impact protection for your feet.

I’ve been wearing these shoes for days and I promise you they feel great!

DC Shoes "Boost" Training Shoe

Look out for the SUPER light Boost, coming to a DC retailer near you around August/September 2011.



Lotus X BBB Exige S



January 10, 2011 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – DC is proud to announce a podium for endorsed driver BadBoyBen who competed in the “Time to Attack” invitational at Sepang International F1 Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the holiday period.

The event, arguably South East Asia’s premier Time Attack, saw over 100 vehicles from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore come together for a meet celebrating the finale of the 2010 driving season. Strictly invitational, each driver had to have recorded an exceptional time during the 2010 season at the prestigious F1 circuit. Ben has done this in both his DC Subaru Sti and more recently in his Lotus Exige, especially prepared for him by Lotus Cars Malaysia.

Lotus X BBB Exige S

In the “Fast & Furious” category which is sponsored by Lotus, Ben raced exceptionally well to secure the 2nd Runner Up position in a field that is one class above the “Expert” category reserved for professional drivers in professional race cars. Demonstrating exceptional skill, Ben’s achievement was awesome considering his vehicle competed with stock suspension and tyres. His modifications in the new Exige at this stage only includes Lotus Sports Stage 2 Exhaust and Unichip piggyback ECU. The vehicle that took the category was heavily modified, so with further upgrades we are expecting even better results from the vehicle in the meets of 2011.

“We are extremely pleased with the vehicle, and Ben’s driving under tutelage of Malaysian race legend Oh Kah Beng of Lotus Malaysia” said DC’s South Asia General Manager Jeremy Hale. “The car is looking great and we are looking forward to helping them strive for excellence in 2011 in our commitment to the auto category. Lotus’ vehicles are exceptional, and their commitment to the progression of the motorsport is inspirational”.

Congratulations to Bad Boy Ben, and Lotus Cars Malaysia for a fantastic result. DC is excited to follow the performance of the vehicle through the new year.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

I’d like to thank Jeremy Hale & DC Shoes for their continued faith and support.

And of course Oh Kah Beng & Lotus Cars Malaysia for believing in me and giving me such a wonderful opportunity!

I also must thank all my other sponsors for their valuable assistance:

Auto Racing Technik
Motorsport Playground
Aylezo Motorsports

Thank you all, and I will work even harder this year!


Prego @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

One of the nights when I was in Kuala Lumpur with Jeremy, he had to shit-ton of paperwork to do so Mrs. Hale and I popped downstairs to the Prego @ The Westin for some dinner.

Prego @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

I have very fond memories of Prego, since I used to eat there quite a lot as my friend Fabrizio Aceti was the Executive Chef when it first opened. I would classify the food back then as intelligent Italian cuisine and I was really sad when he left.

Prego @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

The menu has now reverted back to classic Italian fare, but the food is  super delicious and VERY reasonable.

I had the gnocchi with creamed cod (I’ve always been a sucker for gnocchi and it was amazing!)

Prego’s ambience is still top notch (I love the open kitchen) and the service is great too.

Prego @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Prego @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur: WinnerBest Italian Restaurant (Time Out Kuala Lumpur’s Food Awards 2009)


Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

In hindsight, it was probably not a very clever thing for me to participate in Zero To Hundred’s Time To Attack, due to all the problems that I knew I had with my car.

The biggest problem for me was that 3 out of my 4 shocks were leaking badly and the one on the rear was so bad that the tyres would scrape the wheel arches every time I went over a little bump or tried to turn right.

It was also probably not very clever for me to turn up to a time attack event on 3 year-old street tyres when everyone else was on semi-slicks or slicks but then I’ve been known for making some pretty dubious choices in the past (mostly with women hehe)

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

However, I really wanted to show Jeremy and DC Shoes this aspect of the Malaysian motorsports scene and I think it was important for him to see how vibrant it was.

I think we’re quite lucky in Malaysia to have an international level racetrack that is open to the public regularly and for sure this is the best circuit in Southeast Asia.

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

Of course I was also super excited to be able to drive at Sepang for the first time.

I actually feel quite ashamed that it’s taken me so long to do so but I’ve finally done it!

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

More than 130 cars took part in the Time To Attack which was a fantastic turnout.

All sorts of cars entered, many from Singapore, and you could see everything from Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Audi R8s to Civic Type Rs, FD3S RX7s to Proton Satrias.

It was a great mix of cars and I was super psyched to see so many awesome cars in one place being driven the way they were meant to be.

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

Lotus had a strong presence at the event and many of their cars actually came straight from another 2-day hillclimb event to participate in Time To Attack!

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

Of course there were plenty of Imprezas as well and all of them were fucking fast. The Impreza you see in the middle with the fluorescent yellow rims was so fast that the organizers actually bumped him up to the “Time Attack Machine” category.

I felt ridiculously under prepared as most of these guys came with their own cooling fans, tools and even spare petrol whereas I just came with a spare t-shirt.

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

I was allocated the number 86. If only I was driving a Hachiroku then that would have been perfect …

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

This is Angeline, one of the organizers from Zero To Hundred. She was my main liaison before the event and was very helpful throughout.

Even with so much going on and so many cars to take care of the whole ZTH crew was super friendly and cheerful – other event organizers should follow their example!

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

This sick Cooper S was in the ZTH pit. Notice the “100” number. Sweet.

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

Hmmm … I didn’t know Vertex made drinking water???

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

I finally got to see the engine bay of Les Vorosmarthy’s Series 1 Elise.

Holy fucking shit! An Audi TT turbocharged engine pushing out 320hp in a car that weighs around 700kg?

Do the math and be afraid – VERY afraid.

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

I asked Oh Kah Beng to take me out for a couple of laps in the Evora, so I could pick up some tips as to how to attack Sepang.

He spent a couple of laps playing with a Civic Type R, outbraking, outmaneuvering  and drifting around it, which was completely awe-inspiring and scary as hell at the same time.

When we came back into the pits, smoke was coming out from the brake discs.

Kah Beng gave me a lot of tips which I will surely apply the next time I am at Sepang. It actually helps that his driving style is similar to mine and we both like to dance around on the limit of the car we are driving.

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

I stopped after doing 2 runs in my car because my oil temperature went past 130 degrees at one stage.

I really wasn’t looking to push my car hard as I still had to be Jeremy’s guide/chauffeur for a whole week (plus drive 400km back to Penang)

Sepang is a very demanding circuit on vehicles and if you are not careful your engine could suffer a nasty failure (as some people unfortunately experienced on the day)

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

It was a very satisfying experience for me and I learnt more about my car that day than in the 2 years I’ve owned it.

Everyone at the event really inspired me, and my goal for 2011 is to build a sub-2 minute-28 second time attack car for Sepang.

Plans have already been put into motion for this project and I will keep you updated on the progress!

Zero To Hundred: Time To Attack

It was an amazing event and I’m sure everyone who was there would agree with me.

Mad, mad respect to Angeline Lee and everyone at Zero To Hundred for pulling it off.

P.S. Special thanks to Wingz and Tong Koh Yiaw for taking such cool photos of my car!


Executive Lounge @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

This was my temporary office whilst I was in Kuala Lumpur – the Executive Lounge at the Westin.

Basically every day after Jeremy and I had gone out and done all that we needed to do, we would come back to the hotel and have a debrief at the lounge.

The Executive Lounge at the Westin is one of the nicer hotel lounges I have been in, and having free-flowing champagne every day before dinner is not bad:

Executive Lounge @ Westin Kuala Lumpur



Happy Birthday Laura!

Last Sunday (October 31st) was actually Laura aka Li’l Chow’s birthday, so we went out on Saturday night to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Laura!

I brought Jeremy and Laura to my good buddy Sebastien’s swish bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang called Elixir.

There was a full-on street party there that night and Elixir was actually closed to the public for a private function, but Sebastien waved his magic wand and voila we had the best seats in the house (I think Seb basically told the people who booked out the place that we were his super VIPs and he had to let us in, which was very kind of him.)

Happy Birthday Laura!

We spent more than 10 minutes browsing through the cocktail menu because we couldn’t make up our minds – everything seemed so good! Elixir seriously has one of the best cocktail menus in Kuala Lumpur and I highly recommend the Spicy/Sexy – which I drank all night.

The dopest thing about the menu is that for only RM15, you can get a shot of champagne to accompany your cocktail. That add-on is cheekily named the “Porn Star Elixir” and we were knocking those back like nobody’s business.

My earlier plans of having an early night and plenty of rest for the Time To Attack @ Sepang was thrown right out of the fucking window thanks to the delicious cocktails and champagne shots.

Happy Birthday Laura!

The DJ for the event was none other than Ray Soo, who is one of my favorite DJs in Malaysia.

I’ve known Ray for a couple of years now and I’ve always loved his music. A lot of people play progressive house and tech-house in Malaysia, but nobody plays it with as much class as Ray does.

Happy Birthday Laura!

At 12 midnight sharp, Seb sent a massive sparkling bowl to our table for the birthday girl, much to Laura’s curiosity and delight.

Happy Birthday Laura!

In the bowl were about 20 test tubes of SUPER YUMMY mango juice/vodka shots!

Happy Birthday Laura!

We started downing these in rapid succession and I think they lasted all of 2 minutes.

That shit was seriously GOOD.

I think I could drink those all day/every day.

Happy Birthday Laura!

Happy birthday Laura!

P.S. Super special thanks to Sebastien Haegel and all the staff at Elixir for taking such good care of us. Thanks Seb!