This is a video I put together from a trackday that Lotus Cars Malaysia and Lotus Cars Club Malaysia organized in December, 2010.

More than 40 Lotuses attended the track day and it was the biggest turn out ever for a Lotus track day at Sepang.

What I really wanted to show in this video was not the racing aspect of the track day, but the individuality of the cars and also the camaraderie of the Lotus community in Malaysia, which I feel is incomparable. Everyone is part of one huge family and is there to have a good time … No egos or politics anywhere … Lotus Cars Club Malaysia really is the best car club in the country!

At that track day, I took a lot of people out for taxi rides and they all seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

I can’t wait for the next one!


Christian Pauketat

The main reason I was in Kuala Lumpur last week was not for the Lotus Charity Drive but because I was called down for a meeting with Christian Pauketat, Territory Manager (South/East Asia) for Lotus Cars.

Christian has been keeping close tabs on what I’ve been getting up to with Lotus Cars Malaysia so he flew in to Malaysia to meet up with me (and Oh Kah Beng of course) to talk about more cool stuff he wants to work on with us.

I’m super psyched that even Lotus UK is paying attention to what I’m doing with Kah Beng and Lotus Cars Malaysia but I’m even more excited about the things that Christian has planned for Lotus in Southeast Asia!

Christian Pauketat

Some people like to talk business on the golf course, but I always prefer a nice bar or club where we can have a drink and relax so I took Christian to my buddy Sebastien’s club – Elixir in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Like me, Christian loves house music so coming here was a no brainer!

Christian Pauketat

Sebastien arranged parking for our Lotuses literally at the entrance to the club, which caused quite a stir on Changkat Bukit Bintang. Hehehe

Thanks to Sebastien for being such a gracious host yet again.



Auto Detailer

On my last trip to Kuala Lumpur, Oh Kah Beng brought me to check out Auto Detailer, the most insane car detailing workshop in Malaysia.

Auto Detailer

Owned by super nice guy Darren Chang and hidden deep within the recesses of the basement carpark at Jaya One mall in Petaling Jaya, Auto Detailer is a proverbial 12,000 sq. ft. Bat Cave stuffed with exotic motor vehicles demanding the very best in detailing services.

Auto Detailer

Fire-retardant floors, lighting sytems that are designed to simulate different lighting conditions and ultrasonic equipment to detect the number of paint layers on a car – this place has it ALL.

Even the water that is used to wash the cars goes through a quad-stage filtration system. Yes, that’s right – the water is de-ionized, de-chlorinated and even gets the reverse-osmosis treatment. Hell it’s cleaner than most drinking water!

Auto Detailer

Inside their luxurious waiting lounge, customers have big screen TVs to watch or iPads to play with whilst their cars get the full spa treatment.

With a set up like this it’s no wonder that Auto Detailer has a corporate client list like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Lotus (who send all their cars here for detailing before delivery to customers)

People have even shipped their cars in from other countries just for Darren to polish them to perfection.

Auto Detailer

And on any given day, you will find the most mind-blowing assortment of truly exotic motor vehicles just “lying around” waiting to get pampered.

Auto Detailer

And what could be more exotic than a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé?

Auto Detailer

Thought it doesn’t look like it from this photo, I can assure you that this is a HUGE car.

And those are 21″ rims.

Auto Detailer

The bonnet and grill are beautiful brushed aluminum.

This is the kind of shit that Darren and his team have to look at all day and every day.

Don’t you just hate him? Hahaha

Auto Detailer

Auto Detailer is the MOST AWESOME car detailing workshop in Malaysia.

Pay them a visit at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya and pray that they will open their electronic security gates and let you in.


Lotus X BBB Exige S



January 10, 2011 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – DC is proud to announce a podium for endorsed driver BadBoyBen who competed in the “Time to Attack” invitational at Sepang International F1 Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the holiday period.

The event, arguably South East Asia’s premier Time Attack, saw over 100 vehicles from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore come together for a meet celebrating the finale of the 2010 driving season. Strictly invitational, each driver had to have recorded an exceptional time during the 2010 season at the prestigious F1 circuit. Ben has done this in both his DC Subaru Sti and more recently in his Lotus Exige, especially prepared for him by Lotus Cars Malaysia.

Lotus X BBB Exige S

In the “Fast & Furious” category which is sponsored by Lotus, Ben raced exceptionally well to secure the 2nd Runner Up position in a field that is one class above the “Expert” category reserved for professional drivers in professional race cars. Demonstrating exceptional skill, Ben’s achievement was awesome considering his vehicle competed with stock suspension and tyres. His modifications in the new Exige at this stage only includes Lotus Sports Stage 2 Exhaust and Unichip piggyback ECU. The vehicle that took the category was heavily modified, so with further upgrades we are expecting even better results from the vehicle in the meets of 2011.

“We are extremely pleased with the vehicle, and Ben’s driving under tutelage of Malaysian race legend Oh Kah Beng of Lotus Malaysia” said DC’s South Asia General Manager Jeremy Hale. “The car is looking great and we are looking forward to helping them strive for excellence in 2011 in our commitment to the auto category. Lotus’ vehicles are exceptional, and their commitment to the progression of the motorsport is inspirational”.

Congratulations to Bad Boy Ben, and Lotus Cars Malaysia for a fantastic result. DC is excited to follow the performance of the vehicle through the new year.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

I’d like to thank Jeremy Hale & DC Shoes for their continued faith and support.

And of course Oh Kah Beng & Lotus Cars Malaysia for believing in me and giving me such a wonderful opportunity!

I also must thank all my other sponsors for their valuable assistance:

Auto Racing Technik
Motorsport Playground
Aylezo Motorsports

Thank you all, and I will work even harder this year!


Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

Towards the end of last year, on the 27th of December to be exact, a scant 2 weeks after the Time To Attack Final, Lotus Cars Malaysia organized a track day at Sepang International Circuit and more than 40 Lotuses turned up for the event.

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

This was by far the largest gathering of Lotuses ever at Sepang and it was indeed an awesome sight to see so many Elises, Exiges, Evoras and Europas taking it to the track.

Colin Chapman would have been proud!

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

I of course participated, and I helped out by giving taxi-rides to people who were there for the “Lotus Experience

I drove more than 20-laps non-stop (pitting in every 2 laps to switch passengers) but I was more than happy to do this since every extra lap I got to drive meant more experience for me at Sepang.

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

Aylezo Motorsports brought their Lotus 2-Eleven along with their GT4 Cup Car.

Hmm … I just noticed that their race number is 69.

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

On the left is the super hardcore Exige 260 Cup car (almost every part of the car is made from carbon fiber) and to the right is a really fast Exige S who came all the way from Singapore!

Same base car, different spec – all good.

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

Also at the track day were beauty queen Chermaine Poo and girl racer/drifter Leona Chin.

Chermaine is a very accomplished actress/MC/host but not many people know that she’s also a chartered accountant! :0

Leona is a VERY fast racer and I have a lot of respect for her because she drives faster/better than most guys!

Leona spent most of the day teaching Chermaine how to drive on the track and I saw the two of them having a lot of fun on the track in the gorgeous black Europa that you see behind us.

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

I learnt a lot on the day from my sifus Oh Kah Beng and Edward Tan from Lotus Malaysia – like how to PROPERLY drive an MR car (damn it takes very BIG BIG BALLS) … every time they teach me so many things it’s like going to school (but SUPER FUN)

I am grateful to them for constantly sharing their knowledge of driving techniques with me. It has really helped me to improve my own personal set of skills and has made me a lot more analytical about my driving.

Thank you sirs!

Lotus Track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

And there we have it … the biggest gathering of Lotuses at Sepang so far … it was a truly great day and a memorable experience for everyone.

I am certain that there is no other car club in Malaysia that is as cool as the Lotus Cars Club of Malaysia – everyone is uber-friendly, polite and respectful of other drivers. I think a very unique type of person buys a Lotus as opposed to other sportscars. Owning a Lotus is not about being flashy or using the car as a status symbol but about trying to get the purest driving experience possible. It just so happens that the cars are drop dead gorgeous.

And I will also say that you haven’t truly driven until you have driven a Lotus.

Lotus = Super Awesome!


Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

12 December 2010 … the first time I was taking the Exige to the track … up to that point everything had happened so quickly that the magnitude of what was going on hadn’t really sunk in yet.

I took delivery of the car less than 2 weeks before the 12th and here I was prepped and ready to hit the track in Malaysia’s most prestigious time attack event – Zerotohundred’s Time To Attack.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

I think there was about RM50 million worth of cars at Sepang that day – and a good chunk of that was 20-odd R35 GTRS … someone remarked to me that they had never seen so many GTRs in one place at a time but I told them that GTRs were everywhere in Kuala Lumpur!

There was a “GTR Drag Battle” taking place after the main Time To Attack event but I assure you, it sounds a lot more exciting than it was.

20 automatic cars going down Sepang’s main straight in pairs – NOT a very breathtaking sight.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

Here we are at the driver’s briefing … Kah Beng on the left telling the Lotus posse how it’s all gonna go down.

Kah Beng really takes good care of the Lotus community at all trackday events and you should know that there is no other car club in Malaysia that is anywhere as cool as the Lotus Cars Club.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

This is Wingz, who takes awesome car photos.

He took some great shots of my Impreza at the last event so I was happy to meet him and get to thank him in person.

Wingz drives a Toyota Celica, which incidentally has the same 2ZZ-GE engine as my Exige

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

Here are George and Phil from Lotus UK. They were in town to make sure nothing happened to the new Lotus Esprit that was being displayed at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show but I managed to convince them that hanging out with us at the track would be 100x more fun than babysitting a dummy car.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

It was great to finally get to drive the Exige in anger on the track and push it to its limits (or slightly over, as I did hehe)

The car was fantastic and I was super lucky that Kah Beng gave me some hands on instruction. I think everyone should bow down to him every time he walks past coz his car control is just awe inspiring.

I can’t stress enough how fortunate I am to have a great racer like Oh Kah Beng teaching me how to drive!

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

The car was good enough to clinch 3rd place in the Lotus Fast & Furious category, which was very encouraging since our car was running stock suspension and tyres.

1st place went to Aylezo’s Exige GT4 Cup Car (running on slicks) and 2nd place went to Dr. Bruce Lee (yes that is really his name) who was driving a well modified 111S Elise that was ALSO tuned by my buddy Dean.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

And here is the trophy in Kah Beng’s office.

I feel that this is where it belongs since he was the one who did all the work and pulled everyone together to get the car where it is. He always tries to shy away from taking any credit whatsoever but this time he can’t!

A lot of credit must also go to Tom, Angeline, Keshy and everyone at for putting on another awesome time attack event. You guys have successfully made a lot of people take their track days a LOT more seriously (including yours truly) and I know that everyone is going to step up their game in 2011. I’m psyched and excited to what tricks people are gonna pull out of their bags next year, but the 2.19.785 set by Mohammed Farriz Fauzy is going to be pretty hard to beat!

There are some people I have to thank, because without them, none of this would have been possible:

Lotus Cars Malaysia
DC Shoes
Auto Racing Technik
Aylezo Motorsports
Motorsport Playground
Dean Ong
Remus Chang
Angeline Lee
Jackson Foo
Hen Xian

and Oh Kah Beng

Thank you all for your support!


Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

I have been on a non-stop grind since the SYNC launch, and things don’t seem to be letting up at all.

There’s so much stuff happening at the moment (all of it is good) so I’m whizzing here and trying to keep my head on straight through all of this.

When I got the invitation to participate in the Time To Attack 2010 Final, the first thing that I did was to call Oh Kah Beng to see if we could get the Exige prepared in time. He made a few calls, I made a few calls and we were a go!

For starters, one area in which we wanted to develop the car was to add a piggy-back ECU and tune it to extract more power from the engine. Who else did I call but my good buddy Dean Ong from Auto Racing Technik to handle this!

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

Dean came all the way from Singapore specially to tune the Exige and here he is working with Hairul from Lotus Malaysia. It’s so nice to have factory support since any questions Dean had about the ECU’s wiring were quickly answered by Hairul, who really knows the Exige inside out!

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

Aylezo Motorsports very kindly let us use their workshop and all their equipment.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

But they were also busy preparing their entry into the Time To Attack final:

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

The Aylezo Motorsports Lotus Exige GT4 Cup Car.

My car is running the same aero kit as theirs (the only 2 cars in the world right now!) but they have Ohlins racing suspension and slick tyres.

Aylezo ended up taking first place in the Lotus Fast & Furious category at the Time To Attack final and they thoroughly deserved it.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

After Dean did all the wiring, we took the car to a dyno nearby so he could work his black magic.

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

In less than an hour, Dean had increased the 2ZZ-GE’s power to 278HP, up 33HP from the base reading of 244HP.

33HP just from a piggy-back ECU? Call Dean now! Hahaha

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

Super super thanks to Dean and Auto Racing Technik for coming all the way just to tune my car!

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

I’d also like to thank Zen Low and everyone at Aylezo Motorsports for all their help and support (and of course the AWESOME aero kit!)

Their workshop is definitely the coolest one in Malaysia (really – they are fully-air conditioned)

Lotus X BadBoyBen @'s Time To Attack 2010 Final

And of course once again I need to thank Motorsport Playground for staying late for me on so many occasions and getting the look of the car just right. Pictured here are Simon and Nat – without them the car wouldn’t look so fucking awesome! Thanks guys!

Everyone put in a lot of work so I could go racing in such a brilliant car so I would like to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart – especially Oh Kah Beng because if it wasn’t for him, none of this would be possible.

Thank you all again!