How I Got The SBTG Dunks At Retail Price

The Nike SB SBTG Dunk Lows designed by the amazing Mark Ong is one of my favorite pairs of kicks ever and when his collab came out with Nike just over 10 years ago it caused mass pandemonium and chaos amongst sneakerheads around the world.

I’m only telling this story coz it happened 10 years ago and no one’s going to get in trouble now.

A few months after these Dunks were released in Singapore (where people queued up for FOUR nights for them) they were due for an even more limited release in Bangkok.

This was happening at a friend’s shop so I gave him a call and asked if he could hook me up. He said ok so I made plans to fly to Bangkok on the weekend of the launch. I could eat good food, get another tat and also pick up the Dunks.

I turned up on the day before the launch and there was a queue of kids outside the shop. They had brought little chairs and shit to help them make it through the night. It was the first time anyone in Thailand had ever queued up for a pair of kicks.

My friend advised against me taking the shoes immediately as both of us would probably get murdered if the kids saw me walking out of his shop with the kicks before they were supposed to go on sale.

So I left the shop (sans Dunks), had a great fucking weekend and came back two days later to pick up my SBTGs which were already being resold for triple the retail price online.

(The SBTG lacelock I picked up on a separate trip to Singapore)

Mad props to Mark Ong for designing one of the most iconic pairs of SBs ever and thanks to my friend who hooked me up all those years ago.


DC Shoes Spring 2011 APAC Apparel Release @ Volar, Hong Kong

After coming back from the launch of the DC X Royalefam Circus of Mutants collection in ManilaJeremy asked me if I would be interested in doing the music for their Spring 2011 Fashion Show which was going to take place in Hong Kong in June.

What would you have said? Hahaha

I’ve never actually done the music for a fashion show before, so this is actually an interesting challenge for me. I’m gonna try and make it fun and interesting, with music that doesn’t make the models trip over on the catwalk.

As this is a glimpse into the future for all of DC’s APAC dealers and distributors the show is not open to the public but I have been given the privilege to invite a few friends so if you are interested in attending hit me up!

P.S. We will be giving away a special DC X BBB mix CD to all attendees at the show … this is my first mix CD in fucking years and it’s gonna kick ass.

P.P.S. For all my homies/friends/family – I’m only going to be in town for a few days and my schedule is CRAZY tight with all the prep for the show and meetings etc so my apologies in advance if I can’t hook up with you, k? Try to come to the show, then we can chill for a bit after.

See you in Hong Kong!


DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

I’d like to take a little time to reflect on my recent trip to the Philippines, so I hope you’ll indulge me.

To say that the 9 days I spent in Cebu and Manila was an eye-opener would be a gross understatement.

I really saw and experienced some things which I have never done before and believe me when I say I’ve seen and experienced some pretty crazy things in my lifetime.

I’ve been trying to work out what makes the Philippines such an amazing place – is it the kick-ass restaurants? The super-happening clubs? The plentiful shopping? The incredible 5-star accomodation I had?

None of those.

The thing that makes the Philippines such an amazing place is THE PEOPLE.

I have never met a race of friendlier people. I don’t know how to explain it but if you go there, you will understand.

Everyone I met, from hotel staff to waiters/waitresses in restaurants to random people I talked to  was super friendly and courteous to a level I have not encountered before.

Every day when I was in the Philippines I felt TRULY ASHAMED to tell people I was from Malaysia because the general populace here has no manners, no etiquette, no social graces and NO COURTESY. Malaysians are like this because they don’t know any better. If your parents lack social etiquette I think it’d be hard for you to be any wiser and hence generation by generation, Malaysians are getting ruder and ruder – so instead of moving forward, we are actually going backwards.

All the young people I met in the Philippines were extremely well-mannered and respectful of their elders – 2 traits which you will find hard to find in the youth of Malaysia. All the leaders of our country have NEVER done anything to properly treat the social ills of our country and kids are basically left to their own devices.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Another thing that I found really impressive about the Philippines was the Primer Group.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and come into contact with many companies/corporate entities both big and small from around the world but I have never encountered a company like Primer.

From top to bottom, everyone in the company is friendly, thoughtful and professional. No matter who I talked to from the company, be it super friendly COO Jacky Quintos to raging disco queen Arthur Elefante, I always felt a friendly, family-type warmth and sincerity that really moved me.

To me these are people who care passionately about what they do and they are happy for you because you are there on this journey with them also. Not once did I ever see anyone lose their temper or look even remotely unhappy (despite all the stress and pressure of pulling off 4 different events in the space of one week)

One night I bumped into Soleil Sanchez from Primer at 2am in the Makati Shangri-La’s lobby where she was pulling an all-nighter with some others to get ready for the fashion show and she was still all smiles.

You could say that this was all a facade because we were only there for a week and everyone wanted to give us a good impression, but I’ve been back in Malaysia for 2 weeks and people from Primer are STILL in contact with me, even if it’s just a, “Hey, how ya doing?” message on Facebook.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Sometimes, through fate and a few strings pulled here and there, the stars align and shit really does come together as evidenced by the gathering of an incredible group of people on this trip.

You know sometimes people just click and everyone gets together like a house on fire? I think this was one of those occasions and even though every day was jam packed with stuff I still managed to spend time and get to know most of the crew pretty well and I consider myself fortunate to have met these people.

And for people I’ve met before (like Mark Ong and Jeremy Hale) we got to spend some quality time together and have a chance to understand each other better, which I really appreciate.

I’m fucking happy to have met EVERYONE on this trip! EVERYONE!!!

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

I know some of you will be mad when I say this (but that’s only because you are one of the 99% I am referring to in the following statement) – Filipino DJs shit all over 99% of Malaysian DJs.

Every single club/bar I went to in Cebu and Manila had the dopest music, hell even the DJ that Primer hired for the basketball game played better music than most clubs in Malaysia (and definitely ALL the clubs in Penang) so yet again, I felt really ashamed of our country.

Even those of you who DJ in so-called “big” or “famous” clubs in Malaysia won’t be able to touch the average Filipino DJ – FOR SURE because all you guys know how to do is play whatever the fuck is playing on the radio. At the skate demo in Cebu, the DJ there played one whole day of hip-hop and not ONCE did I hear a song that you will hear on the radio here. It was amazing and made me remember why I love old-school hip-hop so much.

But I’m not saying 100% of Malaysian DJs suck. Only 99%. People like Goldfish, Blink and Fuzz would kill it over there!

I’m also not saying 100% of Filipino DJs are the bomb – just 100% of the ones I heard when I was there!

I loved this fact because I felt I had to perform even better than I normally do and luckily I had some banging tunes in my bag that no one had heard before. I’m so glad I worked my ass off for 2 weeks before going to the Philippines digging for new tunes and stuff. Filipino clubbers know their shit!

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

I want to thank Cherice FredricksGary Parsons and DC Shoes for letting me be part of this incredible week! It was an honor for me and I hope I managed to contribute in some small way to the bigger picture.

I’d also like to thank the Primer Group for taking such good care of me while I was in the PhilippinesJacky Quintos, Jimmy Thai, Johnny Thai, Jerry Sy, Willy SyMacel Abejero, Soleil Sanchez, Arthur Elefante, Timmy Cruz and everyone else at Primer!

Special thanks must go to Paul Sy and Dino Gilladoga from Primer. Paul, you are the SUPREME PIMP OF THE PHILIPPINES and Dino, you are the COOLEST GUY AT PRIMER. I love you two so much!

My biggest thanks must go to Jeremy Hale – mate, thank you for thinking of me for this tour and getting me involved! Thank you so much.



DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

After 2 weeks of writing about my whole trip to the Philippines, we have FINALLY arrived at the night of the DC X SBTG event.

This was the big night everyone was waiting for and I could almost feel the electricity in the air. The difference between this leg of the DC X SBTG Asia Tour and Tokyo/Taipei/Singapore was that not only did DC have some members of the general public and media coming to the party, all their Asian distributors were in town too, not to mention the skate team and me.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Primer transformed the inside of Manor into an “art gallery” – displaying all the skate deck art that people had submitted. On every stop of the tour, selected artists from each country were invited to customize a blank skate deck and enter a competition to win cash, prizes and a special pair of DC kicks customized by SBTG himself.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Naturally, as soon as the star of the evening arrived, media started grabbing him for interviews.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Some of the art I saw was incredible. I was really amazed at what the artists came up with and it was exciting just being in a room bursting with so much creativity.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

This guy transformed a deck into a guitar! This was definitely one of my favorite pieces from the night.

I think Sean Tierney and Ryan Hui will like this.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Like I said, amazing art. I think this was one of the winning pieces but when they were presenting the prizes I was getting ready in the DJ booth so I couldn’t see which deck won.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

I loved this deck too – it was almost like a tribute to that whole old school Guns N’ Roses-style illustration.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Dino being super suave in front of the cameras. He really is the coolest cat ever and during my whole time there I never saw him lose his cool even once, no matter what was happening. Always cool and always smiling – Dino Gilladoga.

(but can someone please tell me why the host is conducting an interview with her handbag strapped to her shoulder?)

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Masa and the Japanese posse strike again!

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Jimmy Sun and Beck Han (not Beckham, but Beck Han) – Taiwan and Korea represent!

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Renee Renee was MCing for the event (who else?) and Primer also had another girl there to translate some of the stuff into tagalog.

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

The beautiful lady on the right is Rosario Herrera, editor-in-chief of Status Magazine, the Philippines’ hippest mag. You know their shit is tight because they’ve featured What’s Good? before. Hehe

The guy on the left is a professional b-ball player in the Philippines (sorry Rosario, I can’t remember all of the ball players you introduced me to!)

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Jennifer Harding and Jacky, COO of Primer – every time I saw Jacky he was smiling too. Always cool, always smiling and always super friendly!

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Re Re performed a few songs from his album and Greg was so feeling it that he joined in on the chorus. This was an awesome shot by Shin Inoue (Transworld Japan)

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

I was introduced to this hotness by someone from Primer. Apparently she was on the Amazing Race or something (I don’t know, I don’t watch a lot of TV but if I had known, I would have watched every episode for sure)

I swear the photo does not do her justice! She is 10x more beautiful in person!

Ermm … but I cannot remember her name at all. OMG I suck so much. Hahaha

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

So I got onto the decks right after Re Re performed.

Shin took these great shots for me since I couldn’t really take photos of myself DJing (arigato gozaimasu, Shin-chan!)

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

The sound system at Manor was really hard to work with because their trebles were turned way up, to a level that hurts the ears (I don’t know why and if anyone from Manor is reading this you should definitely look at that otherwise everyone who works in your club is gonna get tinnitus)

I found this out when I was doing the sound check earlier, so I manually adjusted the levels on the mixer but it was tough! Normally I tweak the highs a lot when I DJ but I couldn’t do it at all at Manor. 🙁

Halfway through my set Bjorn Johnston came into the DJ booth and started pestering me to play a song off his iPod, which was pretty fucking annoying since he made me miss once of my cue points. -_-”

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Greg Myers came to hang out in the booth for a while too but he was totally cool and did not get in my way at all.

I hung out with a lot of cool people on this trip but I’d have to say I probably spent the most time with Greg. He is a really fun guy to be with an of course a fucking amazing skateboarder! I am seriously in awe of his talent.

If you haven’t seen him skate before please go watch this now!

We had some pretty good times in the Philippines, eh brother? 😉

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

In conclusion, the DC X SBTG party was awesome – not only from a PR standpoint for DC but it also gave a chance for young artists to get recognized for their talent.

It was also of course the best way possible to celebrate the launch of the DC X RoyalefamCircus of Mutants” collection. Mark is a crazy talented artist and deserves all the recognition that he is receiving right now.

Primer did a great job putting on this event and it seemed like they had an army of people working to make things happen.

I only wish that more members of the public had been invited to the party so they could have experienced all the cool shit we had going on.

I am extremely honored that DC saw fit to make me part of the circus (pun intended) and I hope I did you guys proud!


DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

The club where the DC X SBTG event was in a district called Eastwood in Manila, and 2 minutes away was a DC store so I dropped by to pick up some goodies.

All of the DC stores in the Philippines have a really good selection of product and it’s not hard to see why DC is one of the top skate/street brands in the country.

As with all the other Primer DC stores I had been to, the staff were courteous, helpful and of course good-looking.

(sorry, I was too busy trying on clothes and kicks to take too many photos)

DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Renee ReneeMark and all the distributors came along too to check out the store too and I think almost everyone did a little shopping before the party.

I was so psyched at this time because the big party that we were all waiting for was only 2 hours away!


DC X SBTG Philippines Tour

Finally … we’re down the home stretch … Day 8 of my incredible trip to the Philippines (courtesy of DC Shoes)

Day 8 was also the longest day of my life. Don’t worry, I’ll explain later.

I woke up at 7.30am and made my way downstairs for breakfast (btw, the Makati Shangri-La has one of the BEST breakfast buffets I’ve ever had anywhere in the world)

I sat down with Mark, who had been up since 6am because the itinerary that was given to him said breakfast at 6am.


I’ve known Mark for a couple of years now and I’ve always respected him highly for his amazing talent so I was super happy that he had this whole Asia tour to bring his art to more people.

We managed to do a lot of catching up over breakfast and Mark told me about some of his upcoming projects (I’m so psyched for you, bro!)

He also told me about why he folded the Royalefam apparel line, which I was REALLY sad to hear since I loved their designs so much.

P.S. Mark and his constant collaborator Peter Kim aka Methamphibian once made a prototype pair of kicks for me, which I still treasure immensely to this day.