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What's Good? Photoshoot w/ Jocelyn by Mcclubz

Last weekend I was in Kuala Lumpur to shoot a new ad for What’s Good?

The shoot was being done by my good buddies from MCClubz, a new online community for all Malaysian car clubs to congregate together and share news/information.

I think it’s a great initiative and I fully support it and you should too!

What's Good? Photoshoot w/ Jocelyn by Mcclubz

We were shooting an ad for the first issue of their e-mag, which will be launching in April, and our model for this shoot was the lovely Jocelyn Leong.

Jocelyn is super cute and has a million-dollar smile that makes guys weak at the knees (as evidenced by all the MCClubz guys fawning over her at the shoot)

I’ve always been very against shooting girls with my cars, but this time was a really pleasant experience and I think the results were great so I will probably do it again.

What's Good? Photoshoot w/ Jocelyn by Mcclubz

This was the second time I worked with MCClubz photographer Calvin Leong, and I’d have to say he is a very promising talent.

Always thinking outside the box, Calvin doesn’t mind getting down and dirty, as long as he gets his shot.

What's Good? Photoshoot w/ Jocelyn by Mcclubz

The MCClubz boys found this INSANE location for the shoot. I was awestruck when I saw the place and couldn’t stop marveling at the size and cleanliness of the place.

What's Good? Photoshoot w/ Jocelyn by Mcclubz

Yes, this indoor floodlight car park was HUGE.

Hmm … I wonder who laid down those tyre marks on the floor?

What's Good? Photoshoot w/ Jocelyn by Mcclubz

(L-R) Ernest, Alfred, me, Jocelyn, Calvin, Merlvyn and Ronnie.

Thanks to the boys for organizing the shoot and special thanks to Jocelyn for being such a great model.

Go check out the MCClubz page on Facebook now – !!!


Bagan: Revisited

Man I have so many backlogged things to write about that I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to clear them all!

Work has been crazy lately and I don’t forsee it lightening up until at least Christmas 2011.

I know you guys always hear about me talking about how busy I am and how I can’t tell anyone what I’m working on but don’t worry, ALL will be revealed SOON.

On another note … about 2 weeks ago, my mate Jackson came out from his kampung (Perlis) to visit me so a couple of us went for drinks at Bagan, a cozy restaurant/lounge in Penang.

Bagan: Revisited

I hadn’t been to Bagan for agesssssss and it was nice to see nothing had changed.

While we were having our wine I decided to whip out my camera and start taking some long exposure photos.

All the photos in this post were taken using my DSC-HX5V and a 7-second exposure (except the very last one, which was on an automatic twilight setting)

Bagan: Revisited

The couple in the photo above were really having a hardcore drinking session from quite early on as we saw the waiters bring shots, cocktails and all manner of booze to their table in short succession. I was fully expecting him to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder to carry her out after they were done. Ah ha ha

Bagan: Revisited

There was a pleasant surprise that night as Dasha was filling in for Bagan’s resident diva Rozz.

I haven’t seen Dasha perform in a while but I have to say her voice sounds better and better as she grows older!

I couldn’t get any good photos of her as I was not sitting in the best place to get shots of her so you’ll have to make do with a photo of my watch instead.

Oh … and here is Jackson wearing what must surely be the coolest t-shirt to ever have been made in the history of mankind:

Bagan: Revisited

Good wine, good music and good company – ALWAYS a winning formula!


Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

After my disastrous stay at the Renaissance the last time I was in Kuala Lumpur, for this trip (my meeting with Lotus) I wanted to try a new hotel.

The Meliã Hotel is actually one of the sponsors of Team Aylezo Empire Motorsports so Zen hooked me up with a great rate and an upgrade.

What I didn’t know until I got there was that the hotel was right opposite Berjaya Times Square where What’s Good? is. How convenient!

Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Shockingly good that is!

When I was standing in line waiting to check-in, one of the Duty Managers, a very nice man by the name of Sazli, came up to me and asked me if he could get someone to help me with my bags. I said I was fine and then he asked me if there was anything else he could help me with. I said that I was worried that I couldn’t get my super-lowered car into their basement carpark without scraping the front bumper and he said he understood and asked me to give him 5 minutes. He promptly arranged for me to park right in front of the hotel where my car would be watched by security as long as it was parked there.

You have no idea how much that small gesture meant to me (any owner of a decent sports car will know what I mean)

To top it off, everyone at the front desk was pleasant, courteous and made me feel welcome at the hotel.

Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The room was great – spacious, very clean, no funky smells and look look look – a full set of toiletries in the bathroom!

And when I say “full-set” I really do mean that because they have even separated their complimentary toiletries into two types:

Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

To be honest, I never use any toiletries that hotels supply since I bring all my stuff with me (including shampoo and shower gel) but its a comforting thought that IF I do need anything, or have forgotten to bring it, it is there.

I had a great stay at the Meliã and I would highly recommend to business travellers coming to Kuala Lumpur who want to stay smack in the middle of town – ESPECIALLY those of you driving lowered cars.

Its not a 5-star hotel but the service is better than most so-called 5-star establishments in the country (like the Renaissance and Ritz-Carlton) and I really felt that I got such a good deal when I was checking out.

I will DEFINITELY try to stay here the next time I come to KL.

Thanks to Zen for the hookup and Stephanie Chan for making all the arrangements!