Tapastry – The Art Of Tapas

Tapastry - The Art Of Tapas

I saw this card in my room promoting something called “Tapastry – The Art of Tapas” so naturally I was bloody curious and I came down to the lounge to check it out today.

Tapastry is a creative tapas menu prepared the chef and is a “celebration of the rich and diverse heritage of Asian cuisines” – all I can say it’s the fucking bomb and you can’t go wrong with plates starting at RM8/USD2.50.

Pictured: Grilled Cod Fish Miso, Shrimp Cakes & Peking Duck – all RM8 each

P.S. I think “Tapastry” is a wonderful and creative name that paints a picture of what you should expect when dining at The Lounge. Kudos to whoever thought of it.

Tapastry is available at:

The Lounge @ The Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar
No.1 Jalan Pantai Jaya Tower 3
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Instagram: @badboyben

Good Service Before You Even Step Into The Hotel

Good Service Before You Even Step Into The Hotel

One thing I have to mention about The Pullman, yesterday when my car pulled into the driveway, the valet directed me to a safe & secure parking spot in front of the hotel.

I had provided the hotel with my license plate number beforehand but I never told them what car I was driving but the valet immediately recognized my plates, which I thought was nice.

I’ve never experienced this at any hotel in Kuala Lumpur before and it made me feel very welcome before I had even stepped into the hotel.

Well done.

Instagram: @badboyben