What's Good? Media Player

G sat down last night and hooked up this nifty Media Player for our site, so we will be implementing this full scale in the weeks to come.

I haven’t decided if I want one player for each blog, or a separate window with just one player and one playlist so you can keep visiting other websites but still have our music going.

At the moment we’ve uploaded one of G’s old mixes as a test, so please go check it out and maybe drop us some feedback as to what you think.

This might be one of the only times in history where there is a minute possibility that I might give a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks so please take advantage of this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

G’s blog.




Just got this color proof from the printers … waiting for proofs are always a nail biting time, because you can’t remember if you made any mistakes or fucked up the artwork or overlooked something.

Everything was super good this time and all the colors were spot on.

Me is happy.


The What's Good? Conspiracy

Finally! The next stage in the development of What’s Good?

I know that up to now, most people who wanted to know about Dope or What’s Good? would drop by this site or Dope’s site, which was fine for a while, but I’ve come to realize that Dope and What’s Good? has turned into a much bigger thing, in fact almost taking on a life of it’s own.

And because of this, a lot of things are happening to me and those around me. Even though I try my best to - I cannot be everywhere at once, and I damn well can’t write about everything either. Hahaha

But there is crazy shit happening around us all the time, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to give a blog to every one of my homies, so they can tell you, in their own words exactly what is going on in their part of the world right now.

So without further ado, I introduce you to my fellow conspirators:

  • Brian Siswojo – owner of Know1edge and 8FIVE2 AND a member of Hong Kong rap/rock band 24Herbs. Without him, there would have been no Dope, so of course he has always been part of our conspiracy from Day One
  • Ryan - partner of What’s Good? Singapore and pillar of the Singaporean streetwear scene
  • Ee Lin – owner and propietor of the super hot Perpetual Princess boutiques and part of our dysfunctional family in more ways than one.
  • DJ G – my boy, who I’ve trained in the dark arts of DJing for years and is now a lean, mean mixing machine. He is undoubtedly the best house music DJ in Malaysia right now
  • Aaron - a good friend, partner of What’s Good? Singapore and another ridiculously prominent member of the Singaporean streetwear scene
  • Warren Stuart – I’ve know Wza since forever, and he is one of the pioneers of the Hong Kong skateboarding scene (along with a few of us from back in the day like Brian and Tabo) … plus he gets invited to the best parties so I’m sure his blog will be filled with lots of interesting stuff
  • Ivan – partner of What’s Good? Singapore and another well known person in the Singaporean streetwear scene
  • JonAsia’s #1 Bass Player, member of instrumental rock outfit Ocean Of Fire and someone whom I often collaborate with on my musical endeavours.
  • Marius – a new addition to our family, but someone who instantly became an important part. Marius is one of Shanghai’s top DJs and event organziers. If you want to know what’s good in Shanghai, he’s the man to ask

I hope you will drop by everyone’s blogs and see what they have to say. We still have to finish setting up a couple of the blogs, but I’m sure everything will be 100% real soon.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and I hope you will all enjoy this new development for What’s Good?


Jusco's Pledge

Jusco's Pledge

So remember, when shopping at Jusco – if you see any rubbish on the floor, pick it up! If you see any clothing on the floor, pick it up! And check all the shelves for expired merchandise.

Or Mr. Zulkepli Bin Ahmad is gonna getcha ……………………….


Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday - Dasha & The Jazz Trio

Happy Saturday - Jon & Dasha

Happy Saturday - One Night Stand

Happy Saturday - One Night Stand

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday - Ocean Of Fire

Happy Saturday

Great event … props to Kelvyn from Ocean of Fire for putting it together on such a shoestring budget.

Standout acts include One Night Stand, Uglymen, Dasha & The Jazz Trio and of course Ocean Of Fire.

Too bad there was no “urban” art there, even though it was advertised as an “Urban Art & Music Fest” – a few little boys with spray cans don’t count.

The musicians were great though (the ones that I did hear) … but the “shufflers” were wack. I don’t care what the kids say, but that was NOT dancing … -_-

Oh yeah, who were those idiots walking around with Bluetooth headsets perpetually plugged into their ears? Even go up to make speech need to wear headset ah? Waiting for super important phone call and if miss it will lose millions of dollars ah?